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Allegro Air Bag 12 inch

Allegro Air Bag 12 inch

Manufacturer: Allegro

Product Code: 9535-12 / 12L

Featuring a 12" metal blower system with 15' or 25' ducting built into a heavy duty polyester bag forming an all-in-one unit for ease of operation. Designed with zippered ends that allow blower use without removing blower from the bag. Zipper openings allow for plug/cord inlet and outlet. Easy to carry and store. Polypropylene nine blade fan, steel/powder coated housing and grill, carry handle with molded-in 2 speed switch. 60 Hz, 3.8 Amps, 2 speed on/off switch. Ducting: Single-Ply lightweight vinyl/polyester PVC coated. Yellow with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap on one end.

Dimensions: 28"l x 16"w x 14"h.

Free Air (high speed) 1840 35 lbs. ½ hp 120V AC  

9535-12 with 15' ducting

9535-12L with 25' ducting

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