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Supervac 720G4-H, Gas PPV, Honda GX

Supervac 720G4-H, Gas PPV, Honda GX

Manufacturer: Supervac

Product Code: 720G4-H

Supervac 720G4-H, Gas PPV, Honda GX

PPV fan powered by a Honda GX engine - unmatched durability, a slightly larger PPV - ideal for departments with a medium to large residential and a few commercial structures in their district that do not want to rely on generators and electricity.



  • 7 Point Cast Aluminum Airfoil Blade ‹› holds up better than plastic in high heat
  • Precision Spun Steel Shroud ‹› durability with maximum airflow
  • Full Roll Cage Aluminum Frame ‹› protects key components
  • Solid Cushion Tires ‹› heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs
  • 4 Position Tilt Plate ‹› tilt shroud to 4 angles (20°, 10°, 0 °, -10°)
  • Step Brake System ‹› foot pedal locks fan in place
  • Air Cone Guard ‹› classic design, StreamShaper Guard optional
  • Fold Down Handle ‹› folds down within frame for easy, compact storage
  • Compatible With SuperVac Accessories: Spiral Duct, LED Holder, Light Kit, Foam Generator, Exhaust Extension, Mountain Mister
  • 5 Year Warranty



  • Engine ‹› Honda GX20
  • Displacement ‹› 196 cc
  • HxWxD ‹› 25.5” x 26” x 19.5” ‹› 648mm x 660mm x 495
  • Blade Diameter ‹› 20” ‹› 508mm
  • Weight ‹› 92 lbs ‹› 42 kg
  • RPM ‹› 3350
  • Output ‹› 18,580 cfm ‹› 31,565 cmh



A Super Vac, part number #720G4-H, 20” gas positive pressure ventilator shall be supplied. The unit shall be cart style designed with rear mounted cushion tires, a full height frame, and a tilt-up, full width handle for easy positioning and rapid deployment. All components of the positive pressure ventilator shall 100% manufactured and assembled in North America.

The cushion tires shall be mounted on the engine side of the unit to protect the shroud/blade and making the unit easier to pull up stairways and making the unit easier to position when placed at working structure fires. Any ventilators utilizing pneumatic or hard rubber tires mounted on the shroud/blade side of the unit shall not be acceptable.

The entire frame of the unit shall be constructed of steel that shall surround the shroud and the seven-blade 20” airfoil propeller in a roll cage design that shall protect the unit from damage, enhance lifting and user safety. Any ventilators with frames that do not protect the shroud/blade shall not be acceptable.

The blade shall be constructed of precision cast of aluminum alloy #A356 due to the high radiant heat found during use at structure fires. The blade shall be driven by the gas engine that shall have a direct drive connection. Any ventilators utilizing plastic blades, belts, pulley, gears, or additional shafts shall not be acceptable.

The shroud and the safety grill shall be designed as to provide maximum air velocity. The positive pressure ventilator shall be equipped with a lever to set positions of the air flow to 20, 10, 0, above and -10 degrees below horizontal level.

The front and rear safety guards shall be designed to OSHA and U.L. Standards to prevent accidental contact with the blade. The unit shall be tested to AMCA 240- 95 for air movement the air movement tests shall be at an RPM that is within the engine manufacturers approved engine speed.

The positive pressure ventilator shall have a minimum five (5) year warranty. The engine shall be warranted by the engine manufacturer for a minimum of two (2) years.

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