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Supervac 716-EXP, Electric, Hazardous Location PPV

Supervac 716-EXP, Electric, Hazardous Location PPV

Manufacturer: Supervac

Product Code: 716-EXP

Supervac 716-EXP, Electric, Hazardous Location PPV

a PPV fan powered by a single speed, hazardous location motor - unmatched durability, most compact size - ideal for departments in need of extra space in apparatus compartments with the need for a PPV for use in hazardous and explosive environments.



  • 7 Point Cast Aluminum Airfoil Blade ‹› holds up better than plastic in high heat
  • Precision Spun Steel Shroud ‹› durability with maximum airflow
  • Full Roll Cage Aluminum Frame ‹› protects key components
  • Flat Proof Tires ‹› heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs
  • 4 Position Tilt Plate ‹› -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°
  • Air Cone Guard ‹› classic design, StreamShaper Guard optional
  • Fold Down Ergonomic Handle ‹› folds down within frame for easy, compact storage
  • Compatible With SuperVac Accessories: Spiral Duct, LED Holder, Light Kit, Foam Generator, Mountain Mister
  • 5 Year Warranty



  • Motor ‹› Bluffton, single speed, hazardous location rated Class 1 Group D
  • Motor Specs ‹› 1 Hp, 50/60hz, 115/230V
  • HxWxD ‹› 20” x 20.5” x 16” ‹› 508mm x 521mm x 406mm
  • Blade Diameter ‹› 16” ‹› 406mm
  • Weight ‹› 70 lbs ‹› 32 kg
  • RPM ‹› 1750
  • Start Requirements ‹› 4000w - 15 amp circuit
  • Run Requirements ‹› 1500w
  • Output ‹› 6740 cfm ‹› 11,450 cm
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