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Airsystems Electric Ventilation Heaters

Airsystems Electric Ventilation Heaters

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: SVF-7KW-8

Airsystems Electric Ventilation Heaters

  • Heaters operate with blower or fan only
  • 8” inlet and exhaust flanges
  • Aluminum frame with steel control box
  • Automatic start with blower running
  • Built-in safety pressure switch
  • Automatic thermal shutdown at 170F
  • 144F output at exhaust, 112F with 15 foot duct
  • Order 3 foot heater connect duct (SVH-3)


Electric Ventilation Heater - 8” Duct Flange
model No. Description
sVF-7Kw -8 Electric 8” ventilation heater, 7kw, 230/1 VAC, 28 amps, 23,900 BTU - 30 amp plug
sVF-10Kw -8 Electric 8” ventilation heater, 10kw, 440/3 VAC, 15 amps, 34,145 BTU - user wired
sVF-15Kw -8 Electric 8” ventilation heater, 15kw, 440/3 VAC, 26 amps, 51,216 BTU - user wired
sVH-3 8˝ Diameter - 3 foot Standard Duct - Yellow
All electric heaters are available with optional duct size flanges


Vent Flow™ Alarm

Meets Confined Space Ventilation Flow Loss Alarm Requirements



  • Attaches inline to any 8" blower duct (other sizes available)
  • For best results, use 6” duct (SVH-6), to connect from blower to Vent Flow™
  • No AC power required - operates on two standard 9 VCD batteries
  • Audible alarm (92 dBA) and visual red light activate with approximately 50% flow loss in the duct
  • Alarms deactivate when normal flow is re-established
  • Galvanized tubular steel housing
  • Meets Canadian alarm requirements
  • Overall length: 13"
  • Weight: 7 Lbs.


Vent Flow™ Alarm
model No. Description
sVF-8ALm Vent-FlowTM Alarm, 9VDC, galvanized, 8” inlet/outlet, 7 lbs.


Custom Duct Transitions

enlarging and Reducing Adapters are Available to Accommodate Any transition size - contact customer service for Ordering Information

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