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Airsystems The Original Saddle Vent®

Airsystems The Original Saddle Vent®

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: SV-189

Airsystems The Original Saddle Vent®

Designed for use in Non-Hazardous Locations

The Saddle Vent® was developed by Air Systems and has been in use around the world for over 25 years to make it easier and safer for workers to enter and exit a confined space. The Saddle Vent® takes up only 3 inches in a manhole opening and functions as a fresh air conduit to the workers in the confined space. With the Saddle Vent® in place, continuous ventilation is supplied to the workers by eliminating the need to remove the 8” air duct each time a worker needs to enter or exit a confined space, increasing both safety and productivity.


The Saddle Vent® Ventilation System

Typical Saddle Vent® Setup Procedure

Select a blower or fan based on environmental conditions and the size of the confined space. For information or guidance in selecting the proper set-up, please contact Customer Service

STEP 1 - Install 6 ft. duct on 8” blower or fan

STEP 2 - Install 90° elbow on top of Saddle Vent®

STEP 3 - Install 8” duct on bottom of Saddle Vent®

STEP 4 - Install universal mount on Saddle Vent® and set in place with manhole lid for support

STEP 5 - Install duct from blower to 90° elbow

STEP 6 - Turn on blower or fan

Warning: For hazardous locations, follow ANSI / API 2015 and 2016 procedures


The Saddle Vent®

  • Length: 43.5˝
  • Width: 14.5˝
  • Depth: 3.5˝
  • Top Opening: 8˝ O.D.
  • Bottom Opening: 8˝ O.D.
  • Flow Loss: Less than 1%
  • Construction: Polyethylene
  • Temperature Rating: +220° F Melt Temp.; - 158° F Brittleness Temp.
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