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Euramco Accessories

Euramco Accessories

Manufacturer: Euramco Safety

Product Code: FDT-12DISP

EURAMCO Accessories

Disposable Duct – 100' (30.5 m)

Order# FDT-12DISP (12"/30 cm)
Order# FDT-16DISP (16"/40 cm)

  •  Disposable, layflat polyethylene duct
  •  No reinforcement, 4mil thick
  •  12" (30 cm) and 16" (40 cm) diameter sizes are sold by the foot

Layflat Duct

Order# FDT-1625SME (16"/40 cm) unreinforced
Order# FDT-L4X10SME (16"/40 cm) with a 90° bend

  •  Fiber reinforced, collapsible duct
  •  16" (40cm) diameter
  •  16" (40cm) duct available with a 90° elbow, 4'x10'

Duct Carrying Bags

Order# BG8 Order# BG12 Order# BG16

  •  Storage Bag for 8" (20 cm) x 15' (4.6m) or 25' (7.6m) Duct
  •  Storage Bag for 12" (30 cm) x 15' (4.6m) or 25' (7.6m) Duct 
  •  Storage Bag for 16" (40 cm) x 15' (4.6m) or 25' (7.6m) Duct

Duct Couplers and Adapters/Reducers

Order# System Includes

DC8          8" (20 cm) Duct Coupler Stainless HD
DC12        12" (30 cm) Duct Coupler Stainless HD
DC16        16" (40 cm) Duct Coupler Stainless HD
ED0304     8" (20 cm) Inlet Duct Adapter for UB20
EC0301    12" (30 cm) to 8" (20 cm) Duct Adapter/Reducer
EA7116    16" (40 cm) Inlet Side Duct Adapter
EA7117    16" (40 cm) Exhaust Side Duct Adapter

18" (46 cm) Duct Adapter/Reducer

Order# GH2211

Use to connect 18" (46cm) GX/EX blowers to standard ECKO Flex 16" duct. During ducted ops, 100% of the airflow is captured to create a high-pressure flow, reducing friction loss through the length of the duct.

Misting Systems

Order#     System Includes

EB8111     16" (40 cm) Mister for Models EX400/420, EV400/420
18" (46 cm) Mister for Models GX350
21" (54 cm) Mister for Models GX400
24" (60 cm) Mister for Models GX500
28" (70 cm) Mister for Model GX600

16" (40 cm) Multi-Purpose Accessory Pack

Order# BG16FLA

  •  Multi-purpose solution for ventilation.
  •  Layflat storage bag includes:
    - 16" (40 cm) Cooling Collar
    - 16" (40 cm) Unreinforced Layflat Duct (25' (7.6 m)
    - 16" (40 cm) 90° Unreinforced duct 4' (1.2 m x 10' 3 m)

Cooling Collars/Misters – 16" (40 cm) Blowers

Order# ED-MIST16

  •  Quickly cool and rehabilitate with a cooling collar
  •  Fits around duct adapter of blower injecting mist into airflow
  •  Designed for use with a garden hose
  •  Water output per hour is based on water pressure

BIGbore™ Exhaust Diverter Adapter

Order# GF7110-CZ (For Honda GC160 Motor)
Order# GF7110-KZ (For Honda GXH50 Motor)
Order# GF7110-LZ (For Honda GX270 Motor)
Order# GF7120-BZ (For Honda GX160 Motor)
Order# GF7120-GZ (For Honda GX200 Motor)

  •  Diverts engine exhaust away from the work environment
  •  2" (5 cm) diameter flexible, galvanized hose reduces engine back-pressure
  •  Quick connect fittings meet DIN standard
  •  Additional hose available to extend exhaust diversion

Exhaust Diverter Hose

Order# GF7115

  •  2" x 12' (5 cm x 3.6 m)

Hour Meter

Order# GX1515

  •  GX Series
  •  Keep track of regular scheduled maintenance

Tilt Bracket

Order# GX1515

  •  Provides full 360° rotation for ultimate freedom to direct air where you want
  •  Compatible with all EFi and EFC-series fans

Door Bar and Hanger Kit

Order# EA7095K

  •  Suspend smoke ejector box fans in doorway or window for more efficient ventilation
  •  Compatible with all EFi and EFC-series fans


Order# WA0802
Order# WA0802-AFNOR

  •  Venturi device doubles airflow
  •  Use as PPV blower
  •  Safe in hazardous conditions
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