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Euramco Ramfan 16" (40 cm) Versatile Ventilators

Euramco Ramfan 16" (40 cm) Versatile Ventilators

Manufacturer: Euramco Safety

Product Code: EFC50

EURAMCO RAMFAN 16" (40 cm) Versatile Ventilators

16" (40 cm) Versatile ventilators are used with duct attached during confined space operations/rescues. They are also hung up in door frames with the door bar and hanger kit and used to eject smoke from the building or used for PPV inside a structure with the tilt bracket attached.

They range from 0.5 Hp (0.37kW) to 1.5 Hp (1.1kW) and from heat resistant housing models to fully certified for safe use in hazardous locations models.


Hazardous Location ventilation is Euramco Safety’s specialty, and these RAMFAN 16" (40 cm) Smoke Ejectors are a reflection of this experience. The only WHOLE-UNIT certified explosion-proof portable ventilators on the market, rising to the strict hazardous location use standards of UL, IECEx, INMETRO and ATEX, make these the safest ventilators available for venting of hazardous airborne vapors and particulates. For those whose response areas include heavy industrial, chemical, or other HazMat potential.


Safer Smoke Ejectors are built with the same high-impact, heat-resistant Lexan housing, but use a UL/IECEx/ ATEX-certified explosion-proof motor for use in areas where potentially explosive gases are unlikely to be present, but “just in case” safety is the priority.


These Smoke Ejectors are built with a high-impact, heat-resistant Lexan housing and standard AC motor for use by Fire-Fighters, Construction professionals, and Utility technicians for venting non-hazardous airborne vapors and particulates.

RAMFAN ECF50/EFC120/EFC150 Versatile

RAMFAN ECF50x/EFC120x/EFC150x Ventilators


  • Polymer TurboForce™ Impeller for increased shatter resistance and enhanced performance
  • 4-corner handles for fast set-up and storage
  • High velocity flow decreases smoke ejection time dramatically
  • High-impact, heat resistant Lexan polycarbonate housing


  • Equipped aith a UL/IECEx/ATEX-certified explosion-proof motor
  • Built for smoke ejection in confined spaces
  • Compact design stacks easily
  • High-impact, heat resistant Lexan polycarbonate housing



  EFC50 EFC50x EFC120 EFC120x EFC150 EFC150x
Motor 0.5 Hp / 0.37 kW 1.2 Hp / 0.9 kW 1.5 Hp / 1.1 kW
Power 115/230V, 1ø, 50/60Hz 230V, 1ø, 50Hz 115/230V, 1ø, 50/60Hz
Amps: Start
115V: 21A 230V: 10A
115V: 6A 230V: 3A
115V: 80A 230V: 40A
115V: 15A 230V: 8A
Free Air 3,200 cfm(5,440 m3/hr) 3,750 cfm (6,375 m3/hr) 4,459 cfm (7,580 m3/hr)
Through Duct
15’/4.6 m w/
one 90° turn:
1,935 cfm (3,289 m³/hr) 2,700 cfm (4,590 m3/hr) 3,179 cfm (5,404 m³/hr)
19 x 18 x12 in
(48 x 46 x 31 cm)
19 x 18 x16 in
(48 x 46 x 41 cm)
19 x 18 x12 in
(48 x 46 x 31 cm)
19 x 18 x16 in
(48 x 46 x 41 cm)
Weight 46 lbs (21 kg) 49 lbs (22 kg) 53 lbs
(24 kg)
51 lbs (23 kg) 55 lbs (25 kg)
Noise 90.2 dB @ 3' (1 m) 86.1 dB @ 3' (1 m) 90.2 dB @ 3' (1 m)
Duct Adapters 0   2 0 2
Motor Part No - EM-F.5-60XP - EM-F.85-50XPDV - EM-F.1.5-60/50XPEX
- E312535
UL Class I-II
Group D, E,
F, G
- II 2 G EX d IIB Gb - II 2 G EX d IIB Gb

Ordering information

EFC50 (115V
Order# EA7000
EFC50 (230V)
Order# EA7000-230

EFC120 (230V)
Order# EA7300

EFC150 (115V)
Order# EG8000

EFC150 (230V)
Order# EG8000-230

EFC50x (115V)
Order# EA7000X
EFC50x (230V)
Order# EA7000X-230

EFC120x (230V)
Order# EA7300X

EFC150x (115V)
Order# EG8000X
EFC150x (230V)
Order# EG8000X-230


Standard Duct

16" (40 cm) Reinforced duct,
15' (4.6 m), w/storage bag
Order# FDT1615BR
16" (40 cm) Reinforced duct,
25' (7.6 m), w/storage bag
Order# FDT1625BR

Layflat Duct
16" (40 cm) layflat duct,
25' (7.6 m)
Order# FDT1625SME

Disposable Duct
16" (40 cm) duct, 100' (30.5 m)
Order# FDT16DISP

16"/40 cm Duct Adapter
Inlet Side Order# EA7116
Exhaust Side Order# EA7117

16"/40 cm Multi-Purpose
Accessory Pack

See Accessory Page for details
Order# BG16LFA

Door Bar and Hanger Kit
Order# EA7095K

Tilt Bracket
Order# EA9145





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