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Euramco Ecko Flex Reinforced Standard Duct

Euramco Ecko Flex Reinforced Standard Duct

Manufacturer: Euramco Safety

Product Code: FDT-21624046BR


Durable ducting

The ECKO Flex™ ducting allows great flexibility with several diameters and lengths to allow you to safely ventilate virtually any application. With new and improved construction, our unique standard ducting is available on short lead times with many items held in stock. Every duct purchase comes with its own duct carrying bag to easily transport and store the duct.

Flexible ducting is vitally important in improving safety and working conditions. It can be used to bring fresh air into an area, extract contaminated air, and to direct heated air where it is needed. Using ducting gives you greater flexibility.

This duct system is a result of Euramco Safety’s no compromise approach to user safety. Carefully selected materials, robust design and rigorous testing combine to bring you a ducting system second to none. Using a reinforced polymer material with an integrated steel helix wire.

By using the ECKO Flex ducting system you can be sure you are providing a quality duct system that brings great benefits to you and your team. The duct is compatible with several brands of ventilators, including RAMFAN®.

Key Features

  •  Non-collapsible, reinforced duct
  •  8"/20 cm, 12"/30 cm or 16"/40 cm diameters
  •  Flame retardant
  •  IMPA codes available for ducting, please call to inquire
  •  Carrying bag included for storage and transport

Ordering information

Standard Duct
8"/20 cm x 15'/4.6 m
order# FDT-21624046BR

8"/20 cm x 25'/7.6 m
order# FDT-21624076BR

Standard Duct
12"/30 cm x 16'/5 m
order# FDT-30534005BB

12"/30 cm x 32'/10 m
order# FDT30534010BB

Standard Duct
16"/40 cm x 15'/4.6 m
order# FDT-1615BR

16"/40 cm x 25'/7.6 m
order# FDT-1625BR

Replacement Duct
for Quick-CoupleTM
8"/20 cm x 5'/1.5 m
order# FDT-0805CB

8"/20 cm x 15'/4.6 m
order# FDT-0815CR

8"/20 cm x 25'/7.6 m
order# FDT-0825CR


8"/20 cm Diameter

  • FDT-21624046BR (15'/4.6 M)
  • FDT-21624076BR (25'/7.6 M)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: UB20 Portable Fan

12"/30 cm Diameter

  • FDT-30534005BB (16'/5 M)
  • FDT-30534010BB (32'/10 M)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: UB30 Portable Fan

16"/40 cm Diameter

  • FDT-1615BR (15'/4.6 M)
  • FDT-1625BR (25'/7.6 M)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: EFi50/EFi120/EFi150 Portable Fans
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