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Euramco Confined Space Fans

UB Line of Confined Space Ventilators

Euramco Ramfans combine high performance, innovative design, with high strength polymers to create a line of rugged, portable blowers for use in confined spaces. Euramco's UB Line of blowers is ideal for general use and confined spaces. The UB Series Ventilators deliver the highest airflow in their class.

UB Series blowers help you to comply with OSHA Standard , to ventillate a permit required confined space and offer optional accessoires like an Inline Heating System or complete Utility Blower Systems. The UB Line blowers are available in three sizes, with its most popular blower the UB20, an 8 inch confined space blower.

Finding the right blower for your confined space is important, whether you are working for a Utility company or in the industrial sector. At Western Safety Products, we are committed to finding you the right solution, at the right price. Please call or email us with any questions you may have. Livehelp operators are also standing by.

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Euramco Ramfan 16" (40 cm) Blower/Exhauster
EURAMCO RAMFAN 16" (40 cm) High Volume Blower/Exhauster The 16"/40 cm blower/exhausters are the lar..
Euramco Ramfan UB20 8 in Blower
EURAMCO RAMFAN 8" (20 cm) Blower/Exhauster RAMFAN combines high performance turbofan design with hi..
Euramco Ramfan UB30 12 inch Blower
EURAMCO RAMFAN UB30 Blower The UB30 fan shares its design with the UB20. The larger, 12 inch size ..
Euramco Ramfan | Utility Blower Systems & Accessories
EURAMCO RAMFAN | Utility Blower Systems & Accessories UB20 M.E.D.™ Ventilation System Manhole E..
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