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Off The Wall Special Delineation Barriers

Off The Wall Special Delineation Barriers



Alternative Colors, Sizes & Retroreflective Patterns for Safety

Create a distinctly different appearance in a work zone. Special delineation often consists of channelizing devices that utilize alternative colors, sizes, or retroreflective patterns to enhance driveway delineation. These devices may be placed at business entrances to create a distinctly different appearance in a work zone that may otherwise seem to be “visually cluttered” by numerous orange channelizing drums.

Heavy Duty

The MB42x45 is a barricade that is sure to stand out visually and make an ideal street side signs for your business. The MB42x45 can be ballasted with water to withstand wind and vandals. The signs are attached with a 4 bolt pattern and the signs are usually made of a cost friendly corrugated plastic that can withstand the elements. Use the MB42x45 to help draw traffic to your location during events or sales.

ADA Compliance

The RMB48x40 is an NCHRP-350 certified, MUTCD and ADA-compliant, temporary traffic control device that provides continuous, obstacle-free guidance through entire sidewalk work zones. The MB48x40 is ground hugging and Cane-Ready. The smooth upper rail is safe for Hand-Trailing with no gaps between barricades. The RMB48x40 also has a large display area for signage.

Highly Visible

Our crowd control barricade has many terrific features, including its ability to pay for itself through advertising. The large display panel can hold signs that can be updated on an event-by-event basis. Many event organizers sell advertising on these panels to create an additional form of advertising revenue at events and a great return on their crowd control investment. Brightly colored signage can communicate events, provide maps and directions, and highlight artists and sponsors.

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