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Off The Wall The Billboard Barricade

Off The Wall The Billboard Barricade

Manufacturer: Off The Wall

Product Code: CC42x96


The Billboard Barricade is more than just a pedestrian barrier. Whether at zoos, arts festivals, concert venues, or sporting events, these barricades create order in public spaces and serve as an attractive advertising platform.

The CC42x96 is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a superior grade of plastic known for its strength and durability. HDPE is UV-resistant, has high impact and melt strength and resists fracturing. This means our barricades stand up to weather, transport, and crowds. Each barricade weighs 33 pounds and can be ballasted with up to three gallons of water, increasing weight to 58 pounds.

Our barricades are brightly colored and attractive. We stock a variety of colors and can customize the color to match your brand, team, or facility. Our unique design allows barricades to interlock, forming a continuous wall. These barricades can be set up in various configurations to delineate restricted areas and even joined to any steel “bicycle rack” barricades you might already own by using our conversion kit. The support feet twist flush allowing our barricades to stack flat for easy storage and efficient transport.

Advertising or directional messaging is easy with the Billboard Barricade. Many of our clients are able to generate additional revenue by selling ad space. We print graphics on high quality material that can stand up to weather just as well as our barricades do. Signs are 28.5” x 36” and are easily attached with four bolts.


  •  Sturdy feet return to flush, allowing barricades to nest and stack flat
  •  Barricades interlock to form a continuous wall
  •  Superior strength to weight ratio when compared to steel
  •  Built-in molded inserts hold flags or anchoring posts
  •  One-year manufacturing defect warranty
  •  Designed to last a minimum of eight years
  •  Durable plastic feet are safe and don’t harm workers and flooring compared to damaging steel barricade feet
  •  Large 28.5” x 36” panel area on both sides for attaching revenue generating signage


  •  Safety Orange
  •  Yellow
  •  Green
  •  Red
  •  Silver
  •  Blue
  •  Custom colors available


  •  UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  •  Blow molded


  Height: 42 in / 106.7 cm
  Length: 96 in / 2.44 m
 Width: 2.5 in / 6.35 cm
 Wall: 0.125 in / .318 cm


 Empty: 33 lb / 14.9 kg Full: Apprx 58 lb / 26.3 kg* *Weight calculation based on 3 standard US gallons of water

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