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Off The Wall Mid-Profile Barricadear24X96

Off The Wall Mid-Profile Barricadear24X96

Manufacturer: Off The Wall

Product Code: AR24x96


OTW Airport Runway barricades are trusted by major airports worldwide to warn pilots of hazardous construction zones and ensure traveler safety. The quality and durability of our barricades have earned us a reputation that is second to none.

Our mid-profile barricade, the AR24x96 is most commonly used to designate large “airside” (the area with the secure zone of airports around active aircraft) construction zones. Taller and heavier than our low-profile barricade, the AR24x96 increases visibility to pilots in larger airplanes. Built-in interlocking pins allow these barricades to connect without additional hardware and each barricade features specially designed fill-holes to accommodate warning lights. This lower profile barricade also works extremely well in low-speed construction zones, parking lots, and specialty applications where federal highway construction zone standards do not apply.

The AR24x96 weighs only 35 pounds empty but once ballasted with water can weigh up to 375 pounds! At 24 inches high, this advantageous height to weight ratio gives the AR24x96 significantly enhanced staying power during inclement weather and high-wind conditions. We realize airport construction zones can rapidly shift, so we designed this barricade with molded lower forklift points to ease relocation, even when filled with water.

Like our other airport safety products the AR24x96 is specifically designed to meet the needs of large and small airports while exceeding FAA safety compliance standards.


  •  100% FOD-free system
  •  Compatible with one flashing or steady-burn solar warning light
  •  Requires no additional hardware or parts
  •  Meets FAA A/C 150/5370-2F
  •  Frangible
  •  Barricade shape is low enough to not interfere with aircraft
  •  Easy to install and break down
  •  Forklift points for easy relocation while filled
  •  Standard factory installed highly reflective sheeting sheeting
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Exceeds the FAA “Buy American” requirement found in 49 U.S.C. § 50101



  •  Safety Orange
  •  White
  •  Custom colors available
  •  Call for details


  • UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Blow molded


 Height: 24 in / 60.9 cm
 Length: 96 in / 2.44 m
Width: 14 in / 35.5 cm


Empty: 35 lb / 12.7 kg Full: Apprx 375 lb / 122.5 kg* *Weight calculation based on 30 standard US gallons of water


  • One flashing or steady burn solar hazard light


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