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Manufacturer: Allegro

Product Code: 9874-W/O

This airline filter is designed to remove oil, mist, water vapor and particulates down to 0.5 microns from breathing grade compressed air. The filter is placed inline between the breathing air source and the respirator airline hose. Air enters the filter through the inlet port and once the air has been filtered; moisture is removed and drained through a drain valve located at the bottom of the airline filter.

  • Comes with a four-worker manifold for multiple respirator users
  • Made of impact and corrosion-resistant steel, ideally suited for rugged environments
  • “Pot” type filter utilizes a large capacity quality filter cartridge to provide longer life
  • Can be wall or floor mounted
  • Meets OSHA regulation 1910-94 (6) (i) and 1910-94 (6) (ii). 75 CFM


When application requires CO monitoring the Allegro Remote CO monitor can be attached to the manifold. (Remote CO Monitor and Airline Filter Sold Separately).

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