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A-1500TE, A-1500EX

A-1500TE, A-1500EX

Manufacturer: Allegro

Product Code: 9832 (TE) / 9832-E / 9833 (EX) / 9833-E

The easiest way to meet your needs for portable air sources for up to three respirator users or two hood users. Available in explosion-proof configurations for special applications. Applicable for chemical handling and clean-up. The A-1500EX meets Class I Div 1 & 2 Group D. Class II Div 1 & 2 Groups F & G

9832 (TE)* 9832-E TE: Totally Enclosed

9833 (EX)* 9833-E EX: Explosion-Proof. EX models come complete with plug.

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