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CY Holding AFSY30 and HFZY30 Fire Escape Masks

CY Holding AFSY30 and HFZY30 Fire Escape Masks

Manufacturer: CY Holding

Product Code: AFSY30/ HFZY30


The AFSY30 and HFZY30 Self Rescue Masks provide a Minimum of 30 Minutes of breathable Air consisting of 21% Concentration of O2 (Oxygen) through a Chemical Process.

The AFSY30 Stainless Steel Case and the Soft Carry Bag are Certified and Compliant to IMO - International Maritime Organization for use in Engine Room areas and areas of the ship below deck or confined spaces.

The HFZY30 is exactly the same unit - other than the casing of the Rescue Respirator. This EEBD Mask comes in an ABS Plastic Case with CLAM-Shell Design for quick and easy access in a Soft Case with Belt Loop and Shoulder Strap for easy access and portability while in a confined space or working environment where immediate access is required. This unit is ideal for use in the Shipping Industry / Private Yachts / Chemical Facilities Oil Platforms and Refineries / Hotels / High Rise Office Buildings /s Correctional Facilities / Police Military / Fire Rescue / First Responders / Subways / Underground Mining Industry.

AFSY30 and HFZY30 EEBD respirator use a high temp silicone rubber mouth and nose piece - similar to those worn by Fire / Police / Rescue / Civil Defense personnel. This allows for natural breathing through either nose or mouth - calm natural breathing ability. If you have to Yell for help to rescue authorities - easy to do so.

Both models of Self Escape Respirator use a chemical process called (KO2) Potassium HyperOxide that will not react under the harshest conditions or the highest temperatures. Similar types of Escape Hoods are used by ALL Commercial Airlines and are found next to the Fire Extinguishers enabling the Pilot or Flight attendants to put out a fire. Airlines are not allowed to have compressed air canisters on commercial planes due to the explosive nature

The AFSY30 and HFZY30 Fire Escape Hoods have a large viewable area for viewing. The viewing windows is made of a high-temp flexible PVC material that will not freeze or crack in extreme cold or be affected by direct flame up to 1600 C (3000 degrees Fahrenheit). The Self Rescue Mask are therefore ideal for people wearing eyeglasses as well.

  • Glow in the Dark Adjustable Side Straps
  • The Escape Respirators are great for use in confined spaces.
  • With the Self Rescue Respirators there is no need for heavy expensive SCBA oxygen tanks, therefore no risk of secondary explosions due to overheated SCBA Oxygen Tanks
  • No Maintenance is required for the EEBD Masks
  • The Escape Respirators do not require any special fitting. One size fits all.
  • The Nose and Mouth piece of the Escape Respirators have been tested / passed and certified by SGS.

WARRANTY: All product haVE a 6 year Shelf Life from the Date of Manufacturer.

SAFETY COMPLIANCE: The AFSY30 & HFZ30 EEBD are compliant with and / or have received approvals from the standards drawn by the IMO Resolution No. 849, China Classification Society Certificate No. GZT03510025, the European standard EN401 1993, EN 13794:2002, CMSA. SGS, the Australian & New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 1716:2002, and our factory is ISO9001 Certified.


Size Dimensions

HYZY30 EEBD Soft Case w/ shoulder strap / Carry Handle & Belt Loop

5.0inch (125mm) D x 6.75inch (170mm) W x 10.0inch (255m) L

HYZY30 EEBD Hard Case
4.25inch (105mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 8.375Inch (210mm) L

AFSY30 EEBD Stainless Steel Hard Case
4.0inch (102mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 7.5inch (165mm) L

AFSY30 EEBD Soft Case w/ shoulder strap / Carry Handle & Belt Loop
4.25inch (105mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 8.375inch (210mm) L

Weight: approximately 2kg Steel Case / Soft & Hard Case 1.5kg Related Categories

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