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CY Holding ASE30BR / ASE60BR Chemical – Biological – Gas – Fire Escape Smoke Hood

CY Holding ASE30BR / ASE60BR Chemical – Biological – Gas – Fire Escape Smoke Hood

Manufacturer: CY Holding

Product Code: ASE30BR/ASE60BR


The Medical is Fact is that 3 Minutes without Breathable Air & We as Humans Die.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the major toxin responsible for most fire-related fatalities. It's often called "the silent killer" because it's odorless, colorless, and incredibly deadly. CO is present in virtually all fires, and is lethal in concentrations as low as 0.5% (500 PPM) and incapacitating in even lower concentrations.

Engulfed in smoke, it's difficult to see, breathe or communicate. People exposed to smoke quickly lose the clear-headedness, mobility and orientation that are vital to a safe escape. Panic-stricken victims often hyperventilate, gulping in massive amounts of toxic smoke and fumes and greatly hastening their demise. Shockingly, the time interval from detection to death can be as little as 60 seconds.

A smoke alarm or CO detector will alert you to the presence of smoke or toxic gas, but it will not provide a passage to safety. If you're more than 30 seconds or so away from an exit, you may not make it without some sort of breathing protection.

Recently ( 2012 ) in a Shopping Mall in Doha Qatar 24 people died from Smoke Inhalation due to not having any breathing protection. 2 Fireman and 16 Children included. Our Product Saves Lives and gives up to 60 Minutes of Filtered Breathable Air To Ensure Maximum Protection at the Most affordable cost.

Just last month ( September 2012 ) the 9-11 Commission released details that found that all of the first responders who suffered permanent respiratory difficulties that caused death and cancer in all of them was due to improper breathing apparatus being worn and breathing in Toxic Smoke & Dust.

12,000 PPM - Death within 1 – 3 minutes – Realize that it is only .012% concentration at this level
1600 PPM - Nausea within 20 minutes, death within 1 hour
800 PPM - Nausea and convulsions – death within 2 hours
400 PPM - Frontal headaches 1-2 hours life threatening within 3 hours
50 PPM - Maximum level for continuous exposure in an 8 hour workday
10–35 PPM - Marginal Small children, elderly, and those suffering respiratory or heart problems
9 PPM - The concentration often found on busy city streets
1 – 9 PPM - Any increase of CO from outside warrants further investigation but may not be an immediate health risk

15 Minutes is not enough time first of all for any Smoke Hood Product
Maybe the individual is injured / trapped / or located on a higher floor above the 20th floor
No way anyone is able to evacuate within 10 minutes time.

In October 2010, in New York City on the NBC Today Show ( October is Fire Prevention Month in the USA ) The News Anchor Ms. Meredith Fierra was with a Lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department showing how to evacuate a Fire in a Hotel ( this also applies to all tall office buildings ) The Lt. placed a sleeping mask over her eyes ( similar to what you receive on an Airplane to allow you to sleep and remove all light ) placed her in a hotel room And simulated a Fire alarm going off – then asked her to go and find the Stairway Exit Door in order to evacuate the building through the Stairway. She opened the door – and crawling on her hands and knees attempted to find the stairway exit door. The Mask blocking out her vision simulated the thick black smoke that would occur in a real live fire scenario. She crawled and felt her way and yet after 15 minutes she still had not found the exit door. In a real live scenario – she would already be dead – as we as humans are unable to live more than 3 minutes without Air The Lt never mentioned this fact – only explained that when checking into a Hotel Room should walk off the number of steps to the nearest Exit Door and to remember this – so silly – very poor instructions – seconds count when faced with Toxic Smoke.

Why Use ASE60BR vs Any other Product on the Market?

Our ASE60BR ( 60 Minutes ) are a One Time Use unit which is disposable after usage.
Why? Once the unit is used how do you clean the unit to use again?
Answer: It becomes Too Costly to Re-Clean – Cheaper to replace with Clean unit

How do you Change a Filter when in a Contaminated area that may be Oxygen Deficient?
Answer: You cannot unless you leave the area and find a safe zone to be able to change the Filter.
In a Real Live situation – any area may become unsafe quickly – seconds count.
15 Minutes is NOT enough time to escape / evacuate or have enough time to be rescued.

How do you Fight a Fire with a Fire Extinguisher if your unable to breathe due to Toxic Smoke?
The Answer is – You Can’t
! ~ Placement with a Fire Escape Smoke Hood Allows you to effectively use a Fire
Extinguisher to put out a Small Fire Without any Tragic Medical effect on the Individual. The USA Army National Guard / Barbados Power & Light / All Brazil Airports and thousands of others already have put these procedures into practice to protect and Save Lives from Toxic Smoke.

Just Remember - all Safety Hoods w/Filters require a minimum of 17% Oxygen present in the Atmosphere for them to Function. The ASE60BR is NOT to be used in a Oxygen Deficient Area.

NOTE: In a Real Life Scenario unless everyone carries a Gas Detector with them – How do you know what the concentration level is of any toxic gas or smoke.

Our HFZY30 EEBD unit manufactures breathable air just like the PBE's found on all commercial aircraft next to the Fire Extinguisher
They too also use the same KO2 - potassium hyperoxide to manufacture breathable air ( 21% Oxygen / 78% Nitrogen and other
non-harmful gases )
The HFZY30 EEBD is a closed system unit similar to an SCBA ( Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus )
The HFZY30 EEBD makes Breathable Air ( 21% Oxygen & 78% Nitrogen Concentration )
Just Like what we are Now all breathing in Earth's Atmosphere
It creates this breathable Air through a Chemical Process ( KO2 ).
Great for use in confined spaces.
No need for heavy expensive Air Tanks.
No chance of secondary explosions due to overheated Air Tanks which could happen with an SCBA
No Maintenance - No Special Fitting required - One Size Fits All.
Nose / Mouth piece has been tested / passed and certified by SGS.
This same Nose / Mouth Piece is used on ALL of our products.

As this unit is a closed system like the SCBA which is used by Fireman, it will protect the wearer against all concentrations, even 100% Concentration of any toxic agent where NO Oxygen is present in the atmosphere.

You have to understand that our EEBD is the same as the PBE used on every commercial aircraft flown World Wide They are placed next to the Fire Extinguisher WHY? Because the PBE makes Breathable Air using KO2 ( Potassium Hyperoxide just like our EEBD. Those PBE's are only good for 15 minutes and also cost as much as US$1000.00 each.

Our EEBD provides a minimum of 30 Minutes up to 60 minutes and has been direct flame tested to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit ( 1600 C ) with Zero penetration for a 3-6 second blast - it is the same construction as our ASE60BR product. Difference is that our ASE60BR product uses a Filter and ALL Filtering systems require a minimum of 17% oxygen present in the atmosphere for them to function properly. The EEBD is a closed system just like an SCBA - yet our EEBD has no compressed bottle of air which when subjected to fire and extreme heat could explode and cause additional damage or injury to individuals Thus our EEBD is safer to the wearer or surrounding environment. The Boston Globe Newspaper / Nestle / Dow Chemical / LaFarge Cement / Philip Morris / Logistics companies / Air Cargo / Utility Companies now all use our EEBD's.

Our ASE60BR ( 60 Minutes ) are a One Time Use unit which is disposable after usage.

We are the ONLY Manufacturer in the WORLD Now with a 60 Minute
One Time Use or Interchangeable Filtered CHEM-BIO-GAS-Fire Escape Smoke Hood
This ensures plenty of Time to Evacuate or Awaiting Rescue.

The ASE60BR Soft & Hard Case - will protect you against Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) / Hydrogen Chloride / ( HCL) Acrolein ( CH2CHCHO ) / Hydrocyanic Acid / Hydrogen Arsenide / Phosgene / Diphosgene / Chlorpicrin Pestmaster / Dichloromethane / Lewsite Gas / Mustard Gas / Sarin / Benzene / Chlorine / Acetone / Alcohol Class / Aniline class / Carbon Disulphide / Carbon Tetrachloride / Cloroform / Methyl Bromide Chlorotoluene, Nitroalkaline Ammonia Gas / Suphur Dioxide / Chlorine Gas / Hydrogen Sulphide / Oxides of Nitrogen Phosgene / Phosphorate or Chlorine organoagricultural chemicals / Radioarerosol / Bacteria aerosol and other Toxic Smoke - Fog - Dust and Gases.

HOOD CONSTRUCTION: Our ASE60BR is made of a PVC Material
No stitching across the Wide Clear PVC Visor giving full 180 degrees of view
Visor is Heat Sealed to the Hood giving 100% protection against any penetration by any toxic agents whether gas – liquid or smoke
No stitching anywhere on the hood guaranteeing complete protection.
Flexible Rubber seal Neck Band to ensure No penetration by any foreign matter whether the individual has long hair or beard.
Nose & Mouth Piece has been Tested and Certified by SGS

DIRECT FLAME TESTED: Our ASE60BR has been direct flame tested at North Carolina State University
On their PYRO Dummy which is used to test all Fabrics worn by Law Enforcement & Military personnel for the DOD – Department of Defense.
Our ASE60 was tested at 3000 Degrees Fahrenheit ( about 1600C ) for 3-6 seconds with Zero penetration Test report and video available for your review.

SAFETY CODE COMPLIANT: These EVAC Hood products are complaint with and / or have received approvals from the standards drawn by IMO Resolution No.849, China Classification Society Certificate No. GZT03510025, the European standard EN401 1993, CMSA, CSA, SGS, NFPA-NIOSH 84 CFR-42, the ANSI/ISEA 110-2009 American National Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices, the Brazilian Bureau of Standards, the Thailand Disaster Prevention Department of the
Interior Ministry, the European standard EN401 1993, EN 403 : 2004, EN :143-2000, EN 136 :1998, EN 403 :1993, EN 14387 : 2004, EN 14941 : 1998, EN 12942 : 1998, Q / ( HJ ) GA01 : 2003, the Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1716:1994, the SABS ( South African Bureau of Standards), the Indonesian Ministry of Safety, the CHILE Bureau of Mine Safety and the Japanese Standard 248, Bureau of Mine Safety MT425-1995 and our factory is ISO9001 Certified.


The ASE60BR Assembly has been tested against the following toxic gases:


Challenge Gas Concentration Allowable
IDLH Levels Actual Breakthrough
Carbon Monoxide* (CO) 2,500 ppm (0.25%) 200 ppm** 1200 ppm <200 ppm** (>60 min)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 10,000 ppm (1%) 200 ppm** 1200 ppm <200 ppm** (>60 min)
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 400 ppm (0.04%) 10 ppm 50 ppm <10 ppm (>60 min)
Hydrogen Chloride (HCL) 1000 ppm (0.1%) 5 ppm 50 ppm <5 ppm (>60 min)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 3000 ppm (0.3%) 5 ppm 100 ppm <5 ppm (>60 min)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 3000 ppm (0.3%) 5 ppm 100 ppm <5 ppm (>60 min)
Acrolein (Propenal) 100 ppm (0.01%) .5 ppm 5 ppm <.5 ppm (>60 min)

Gas Conditions: Air Flow: 30 lpm Constant Flow/ Temperature 20 degree C/ Relative Humidity: 70%
* Gas Conditions: Air Flow: 30 lpm Constant Flow / 25 degree C / Relative Humidity: 90%
** Time Weighted Average



  1. Equipment Warranty. Our Company warrants that the Customer shall acquire this product free and clear of all liens & encumbrances. Our Company further warrants all Equipment to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of [e.g. Five Years & 6 months ( 2008 ) days] from the date of manufacture.
  2. a) Misuse of Equipment. Any tampering, misuse or negligence in handling or use of the aforementioned product renders the warranty void. Further, the warranty is void if, at any time, anyone ( customer / agent or distributor ) attempts to make any internal changes to any of the components of the product; if at any time the power supplied to any part of the product exceeds the rated tolerance; if any external device attached by ( customer / agent or distributor ) creates conditions exceeding the tolerance of the product; or if any time the vacuum seal is compromised or replaced or if any component of the product is removed or defaced.

    b) Usage Policy
    Our ASE30BR are ONLY 30 Minutes. If they are to be used below the 20th Floor then No problem - we will supply these units for usage. If they are to be used above the 20th Floor - WE WILL ONLY PROVIDE our ASE60BR 60 Minute Products to ensure adequate time for either rescue or escape. We have many World Wide that use 60 minute products. We are the only Manufacturer that have these available World Wide. If the Agent / Distributor or End-User insists on using our 30 Minute Hoods above the 20th Floor, we will require that our Liability Release Form be signed prior to delivery absolving us as the Company & Manufacture from any legal action should any end-user have complications due to NOT having adequate time to either be rescued or to escape. This is our policy. We do this to ensure the best possible protection for the user. We are ONLY interested in protecting and Saving Lives.
  3. Free One Time Replacement ( Excluding ANY & ALL applicable Taxes or Duties) Should any or our designated Smoke Hood products be used it in an actual Documented Case where Fire / Smoke are or / were present where-upon these units were used to facilitate escape or while awaiting rescue during the 5 year shelf life. Product should be returned to Distributor or Ourselves along with a Official Report from Law Enforcement / Fire / Civil Defense / Military Authorities in order to verify its usage in an actual situation where Smoke and / or Fire were present. We will replace them Once During the 5 Year Shelf Life.



  • Provides 30 or 60 Minutes of Filtered Breathing protection. This is the ONLY Product World Wide which provides 60 Minutes of Uninterrupted Protection.
  • Hood is Made of PVC providing upto 1000 degree Celsius (over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit) Direct Flame Radiant Heat & Hot Falling Ash protection. Also provides protection against most liquids.
  • Nose / Mouth piece has been tested / passed & certified by SGS.
  • Tested and Compliant with Muliple World Standards including CE EN Certified.
  • Has high temp rubber seal around the neck to ensure no contaminants enter into the breathing area.
  • Weight less than 900g
  • Available in ABS Plastic Hard Case with built-in Wall Mount to any Hard Surface as well as Soft Travel Case which has Shoulder Strap / Belt Loop and handle.


Protects you against:
Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) / Hydrogen Chloride / ( HCL) Acrolein ( CH2CHCHO ) / Hydrocyanic Acid / Hydrogen Arsenide / Phosgene / Diphosgene / Chlorpicrin Pestmaster / Dichloromethane / Lewsite Gas / Mustard Gas / Sarin / Benzene / Chlorine / Acetone / Alcohol Class / Aniline class / Carbon Disulphide / Carbon Tetrachloride / Cloroform / Methyl Bromide Chlorotoluene, Nitroalkaline Ammonia Gas / Suphur Dioxide / Chlorine Gas / Hydrogen Sulphide / Oxides of Nitrogen Phosgene / Phosphorate or Chlorine organoagricultural chemicals / Radioarerosol / Bacteria aerosol and other Toxic Smoke - Fog - Dust and Gases.

The ASE30BR (30 Minutes) & ASE60BR (60 Minutes) have NO Replacement Filters to deal with.

The reason is clear: After exposing the Hood to Contaminating Gases really very time consuming and also expensive to clean the unit to be used again, also once the vacuum sealed bag is open exposing the entire device to the elements - even if you were able to completely clean the unit you would have to (after replacing the filter) re-vacuum seal the unit again to prevent it from exposure and also to ensure the shelf life to be extended to 5 years. Also you must understand that all other devices on the World market are typically No More than 15-20 Minutes which means if you are in a HOT Contaminated Area How do you change the filter? You cannot unless you leave the contaminated area to change the filter otherwise you risk exposure to the Toxic elements With the New One.

ASE30BR & ASE60BR have a 5 Years Shelf Life.

Our ASE30BR2/ASE60BR2 CHEM-BIO-GAS-SMOKE-FIRE ESCAPE HOOD is still available with interchangeable filters. However, it comes in only the Large Hard Case with one attached 30 or 60 minute filter or The Soft Case which also includes a Shoulder Strap/Belt Loop & Carry handle and also has one attached 30 or 60 Minute Filter and a Spare 30 or 60 Minute Filter included in the Soft Case packaging. Our purpose behind this is to give adequate time when faced with Chemical-Biological-Gas or Toxic Smoke scenarios to allow plenty of time for Escape or Rescue. Our Mission is to Save Lives.

Size Dimensions:

ASE30BR/ASE60BR Standard Soft Case w/shoulder strap/Carry Handle & Belt Loop
4.25inch (105mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 8.375inch (210mm) L

ASE30BR2/ASE60BR2 Soft Case (using Replaceable Filter and Comes with 2 Filters (one attached + one spare) w/shoulder strap/ Carry Handle & Belt Loop
5.0inch (125mm) D x 6.75inch (170mm) W x 10.0inch (255mm) L

ASE30BR/ASE60BR Hard Case
4.25inch (105mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 8.375inch (210mm) L

ASE30BR2/ASE60BR2 Hard Case
4.25inch (105mm) D x 5.25inch (135mm) W x 8.375inch (210mm) L
(comes with one only inter 30 minute or 60 minute changeable filter)

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