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Nolan Switch Point Protectors: SPP

Nolan Switch Point Protectors: SPP

Manufacturer: Nolan

Product Code: SPP-1

Nolan Switch Point Protectors: SPP

Nolan’s switch-point protectors increase the service life of switch points by absorbing the impact of passing railcar wheels. Designed to bolt securely to the inside straight main rail that leads to the switch, the protector momentarily deflects the wheel flange so it misses the tip of the switch point. Made from manganese steel, the switch-point protector actually gets stronger with each deflection. Nolan's SPP is reversible -- when worn down on one side, it can be flipped around and remounted, doubling its service life. SPP set includes manganese steel face plate and steel shim, steel back-up plate, two track bolts, two nuts and two spring washers.

NOTE: Review the installation instructions that accompany each switch point protector.


SPP-1 ASCE: 85 lb, 90 lb - ARA-B: 100 lb - PS: 100 lb 11 lbs. (4.90 kg)
SPP-2 AREMA: 100 lb 11 lbs. (4.90 kg)
SPP-3 ASCE: 100 lb 12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
SPP-4 NYC: 105 lb; PS: 130 lb 12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
SPP-5 AREMA: 110 lb - ARA-A: 100 lb 12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
SPP-6 AREMA: 112 lb, 115 lb, 119 lb 12-1/2 lbs. (5.67 kg)
SPP-7 AREMA: 133 lb 15 lbs. (6.80 kg)
SPP-8 AREMA: 141 lb 13 lbs. (5.90 kg)
SPP-9 AREMA: 131 lb,132 lb, 136 lb, 140 lb - AB: 141 lb - NYC: 127 lb 14-1/2 lbs. (6.58 kg)
SPP-10 NEW SPP MODEL! ARA-A: 90 lb 11 lbs. (4.90 kg)

Nolan Rail Pullers: RP-1, RP-1F

Nolan’s rail pullers have the strength, versatility and ease of handling to make ribbon rail handling efficient. Model RP-1 is cast steel and is designed for standard rail handling. Model RP-1F is our fabricated version and has a similar design. The RP-1F is most useful when handling heavy duty rail.

Both models use the convenient locking wedge, which is securely fastened to the puller, and holds rails for removal from rail trains and in accurate positioning for welding. Both are designed for easy attachment and removal.


RP-1 100-141 lb
(45-64 kg)
1-3/8" dia.
(35 mm)
46 lbs.
(21 kg)
RP-1F 100-141 lb
(45-64 kg)
1-3/8" dia.
(35 mm)
46 lbs.
(21 kg)
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