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MSA SoundControl Classic Hearing Protection

MSA SoundControl Classic Hearing Protection

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: 10061271

MSA SoundControl Classic Hearing Protection

MSA SoundControl Classic hearing protection offers two headband models, making it easy for safety directors to find the proper attenuation levels for noise in their particular environment. And, just like their helmet-mounted Classic counterparts, these muffs are lightweight and low-profile.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide headband with ventilated padding provides a firm and comfortable fit
  • Easily adjustable headband force for individual fit
  • Large space for the ears inside the cup


Classification: Headband, Passive
Markets: General industry, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, construction, oil and gas, forestry, shipbuilding, mining, metal processing, automotive
Applications: Confined space, sanding/grinding, power tool use, occupations with non-impulse noise (such as machine operations), demolition, assembly
Standards: Meets ANSI S3.19-1974 and CSA Class A Standards


  Product Name Part No. NRR Product Features
  SoundControl HPE 10061271 26 dBA • Lightweight, low-profile earmuffs are ideal for a variety of noisy applications
• High attenuation and excellent sealing for reliable protection
• Headband design and two-point cup mounting distributes weight evenly, offering outstanding balance and comfort
• No metal parts
• Cups can be moved to a range of wearing positions for a custom fit
  SoundControl EXC 10061229 24 dBA • Unique injection-molded inserts provide excellent attenuation and maximum ear space
• Medium attenuation for moderately-high noise exposures
• Three distinct wearing positions
• Cups can be moved to a range of wearing positions for a custom fit
  HPE Hygiene Kit 10061291   • Foam cushions and inserts
• Works with Classic helmet-mounted or headband products
  EXC Hygiene Kit 10061292  
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