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MSA Economuff Value Hearing Protection

MSA Economuff Value Hearing Protection

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: 10061273

MSA Economuff Value Hearing Protection

MSA Economuff Value hearing protection offers two headband options. Econmuff hearing protectors provide cost-effective options that don’t sacrifice comfort or protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable design for use in tough environments
  • Outstanding corporate and product innovator
  • Products are designed side-by-side with end users
  • Rigorous research and development drives unmatched quality, making sure tomorrow is even safer than today


Classification: Headband, Passive
Markets: Repair and operation (MRO), mining, food and beverage manufacturing, metal fabrication, oil & gas, general manufacturing
Applications: Facility maintenance, grinding, machine operations, sanding, welding, demolition, painting, assembly, cleaning
Compatible PPE: MSA Helmets1
Standards: Meets ANSI S3.19-1974 and CSA Class B Standards


  Product Name Part No. NRR Product Features
  Economuff Multi-Position 10061273 23 dBA
(under chin/
behind head)

24 dBA
over the head)
• Offers three positions: under the chin, behind the head or over the head
• Under the chin or behind the head positions allow use of head protection
• Durable design for use in tough environments
• No metal parts
• Padded headband makes longer wear possible
• One size fits most
  Economuff 10004291 20 dBA • Soft wide cushions maintain comfortable pressure around the ears
• Lightweight
• One size fits most
• No metal parts
• Most economical option


1 Economuff multi-position worn in behind-the-head or under-the-chin positions only.

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