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Minuteman Explosion Proof Vacuums

Minuteman Explosion Proof Vacuums

Manufacturer: Minuteman

Product Code: C88015-02

Minuteman Explosion Proof Vacuums



The Explosion Proof/Dust Ignition Proof Vacuum is UL listed and is ideal for pick-up of hazardous material such as flammable liquids, finely pulverized dust and more. The heavy-duty electric vacuum operates wet or dry in Class I, Group D and Class II, Group F&G atmospheres and is available in the 15 or 20 gallon tank. It features a 22-gauge, non-sparking stainless steel tank. The vacuum contains an U.L.P.A. filter, a 14-3/50’ STWA safety cable and static-conductive casters and rear wheels.



Class I Group D Atmospheres
butane, cyclopropane, ethane, ethanol, gasoline, methane, methanol, octane, pentane, petroleum, propane, turpentine, vinyl chloride

Class II Group F Atmospheres
carbon black, charcoal, coke or coal dusts

Class II Group G Atmospheres
flour, starch or grain, or combustible dusts having resistivity of 10 8 ohm-centimeter or greater



  • 14” Squeegee
  • 5” Round Dusting Brush
  • 24” Crevice Tool
  • 1½” Wand Assembly
  • 12’ x 1½” Hose Assembly
  • 6’ x 1½” Curved Pipe Tool
  • 12” Gulper Tool
  • 14” Fibre Floor Tool


Available Models

  • C88015-02 / Wet/dry, Stainless Steel Tank
  • C88015-04 / Wet/dry, Stainless Steel Tank with U.L.P.A. Filtration and Manometer


MODEL C88015-02 C88015-04
Power 1.70 hp 1.70 hp
Tank Size 15 gallon 20 gallon
Wet Capacity 12 gallon 12 gallon
Dry Capacity 1.9 cu ft 1.9 cu ft
Airflow 120 CFM 120 CFM
Waterlift 69” 69”
Voltage 116 v 118 v
Total Filter Area 603 sq in 1,769 sq in
U.L.P.A. Filter Area N/A 1,224 sq in
# of Prefilters 1 3
Manometer No Yes
Casters 3" 3"
Wheels 8" 8"
Cord 50 ft 50 ft
Weight 86 lbs 96 lbs
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