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Minuteman Mercury Recovery Vacuum System

Minuteman Mercury Recovery Vacuum System

Manufacturer: Minuteman

Product Code: MRS-3

Minuteman Mercury Recovery Vacuum System


General Overview

Specially adapted critical filter vacuum systems for the recovery of elemental mercury and mercury contaminated particulated and liquid materidals. Modular 4 element system allows units to be tailored to fit any application.



  • Extremely portable, highly maneuverable
  • U.L.P.A. filters are 99.999% effective at 0.12 microns
  • Charcoal Filter for the elimination of toxic vapors during clean-up process
  • Each model contains a large capacity activated carbon filter
  • Unique modular 4-element system that allows user-tailoring to fit almost any need
  • Tool kit, which will handle most clean-up jobs, is included



  • Technical laboratories
  • Medical and dental labs
  • Control rooms
  • Dental offices
  • Research laboratories
  • Shipboard applications
  • Instrument manufacturing facilities
  • Mining



  • Wide range of tools and attachments in a variety of sizes
  • Dry only units can be adapted for wet pickup with the addition of a water shut-off module
  • Complete line of filters and collection bags available
  • Allows for safe, affordable clean-up of liquid mercury and mercury contaminated soil and air
  • Mercury Recovery Vacuum System can be tailored to fit almost any particular need
  • MRS 3 and 4 are designed with high-quality stainless steel 15 gallon tanks
  • All units feature a 115v or 220v AC/DC air-cooled motor


Filter System - MRS 3

  • 1. Lid Assembly
  • 2. U.L.P.A. Filter Module
  • 3. Pre Filter
  • 5. Adapter
  • 6. Filter Holder
  • 7. Mercury Vapor Canister
  • 8. Adapter
  • 9. Cloth Bag Assembly
  • 10. Dacron Filter
  • 11. Filter Protector
  • 12. Disposable Paper Bag
  • 13. Tank 15 Gallon
  • 14. Separator
  • 15. Separator Jar


Available Models

  • C83015-01 – MRS 3 – For quick silver mercury recovery in dry applications. (15 Gal, Stainless Steel)
  • C84015-01 – MRS 4 – For recovery of mercury immersed in water. (15 Gal, Stainless Steel)
  • C86006-11 – MRS 6 – For quick silver mercury recovery in dry applications. (6 Gal, Stainless Steel)


Model Number MRS1 MRS2 MRS3 MRS4 MRS6
Static Lift 110"(2,794mm) 110"(2,794mm) 110"(2,794mm) 110"(2,794mm) 88"(2,159mm)
Airflow 115CFM(3.25m 3 /min 115CFM(3.25m 3 /min 115CFM(3.25m 3 /min 115CFM(3.25m 3 /min 95CFM(2.7m 3 /min
Power (watts) 1480 1480 1480 1480 1480
Cord 16-3/50'(15m) 16-3/50'(15m) 16-3/50'(15m) 16-3/50'(15m) 16-3/50'(15m)
Wet Capacity N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dry Capacity .82 cu ft(.02m3 /min) .82 cu ft(.02m3 /min) .82 cu ft(.02m3 /min) 2.1 cu ft(.05m 3 /min) .62 cu ft(.02m 3 /min)
Filter Area 3,234sq in(20,864cm 2) 3,234sq in(20,864cm 2) 4,400sq in(28,387cm 2) N/A 552sq in(3,561cm 2)
Height 41"(104cm) 46"(116cm) 46"(116cm) 46"(116cm) 25"(63cm)
Width 21"(53cm) 21"(53cm) 21"(53cm) 21"(53cm) 21"(53cm)
Voltage 115 (220) 115 (220) 115 (220) 115 (220) 115 (220)
Wheel Size -Front 3" (8cm) 3" (8cm) 3" (8cm) 3" (8cm) Optional
Wheel Size - Rear 8" (20cm) 8" (20cm) 8" (20cm) 8" (20cm) Optional
Wet/Dry N/A N/A N/A YES N/A
Weight 62lbs(28kg) 73lbs(33kg) 78lbs(35.5kg) 70lbs(31.5kg) 24.5lbs(11kg)
Specifications subject to change without notice
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