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Chemetall Aluminum Finishing Products

Chemetall Aluminum Finishing Products

Manufacturer: Chemetall

Product Code: Oakite 61 B

Chemetall Aluminum Finishing Products

Aluminum is often a material of choice in both architectural and general fabricated metal industries due to its light weight and outstanding physical properties. Quality aluminum products require a quality finish — and Chemetall provides products and processes that will meet the stringent demands of architectural, military, and other industrial specifications. We offer a full range of environmentally sound solutions, including chrome-free, phosphorus-free, and NPE surfactant-free products. From superior cleaners to high-performance conversion coatings, Chemetall’s aluminum finishing products deliver the quality that you need.

  Spray Immersion Liquid Powder Etching Low Etch
Oakite 61 B
Inhibited, alkaline cleaner for aluminum. Great for removing stencil identification
inks, oils, and shop soils. Good for MIL-DTL-5541 chromate lines. Boeing
approved. NPE surfactant-free.
Gardoclean TP 10367
Economical, mid-duty, highly alkaline cleaner for
cleaning and etching aluminum. NPE surfactant-free.
Aluminum Cleaner NSS
Spray cleaner for extruded, wrought and cast alloys.
Minimal surface attack. NPE surfactant-free and silicate-free.
Gardoclean 338 U
Heavy-duty, etching spray cleaner. NPE surfactant-free.
Inpro-Clean 2500
Heavy-duty, non-silicated spray cleaner. Minimal
surface attack. NPE surfactant-free. Good for
MIL-DTL-5541 chromate lines.
Liquid Dynadet
Heavy-duty etching cleaner for immersion
applications. NPE surfactant-free.
Aluminum Cleaner NST
Non-silicated immersion cleaner for all
aluminum alloys.
Low Heat Cleaner 1
Heavy-duty, etching cleaner for immersion
applications. NPE surfactant-free.
Inpro-Clean 3800
Silicated cleaner, designed for removing buffing
compounds. Phosphorus-free.



  Spray Immersion High Etch Moderate Etch
Gardacid P 4462/1
Etching acidic cleaner for spray applications. Sulfuric-based.
NPE surfactant-free and phosphorus-free.
CrysCoat 2147
Acidic cleaner for spray applications. Lower etch rate than
Gardacid P 4462/1. NPE surfactant-free.
Gardacid P 4307
Highly concentrated acid, used to pickle aluminum.
NPE surfactant-free.
Acidic product, specifically formulated to clean aluminum and
its alloys, for immersion applications. NPE surfactant-free.


  Powder Liquid
Oakite 160
Economical powder. Conventional matte etch.

Oakite 360L
Convenient liquid. Conventional matte etch.
Chem Etch 7003
Chelated, caustic etchant which produces a uniform matte finish.


  Chrome Non-Chrome
Deoxidizer 34L
Liquid product, contains no fluoride.

Deoxidizer LNC
Premium, iron-based liquid deoxidizer.
Deoxidizer 126
Premium iron-free product. Add to nitric, sulfuric and/or hydrofluoric acids.


  Chrome Phos Cr VI Cr III
Permatreat 640/645
Conventional chrome phosphate. Meets all AAMA specifications.

Chromicoat L25
Liquid chromate conversion coating. MIL-DTL-5541F approval. Meets Boeing BAC 5719.
Chromicoat CLR
Clear chromate conversion coating. Liquid. Meets MIL-DTL-5541F, Class 3.
Metalast TCP-HF
Tri-chrome conversion coating. Meets MIL-DTL-5541F, Class 1A and Class 3
(Type II). Applied via immersion or spray.
Metalast TCP-HF SP
Tri-chrome conversion coating. Meets MIL-DTL-5541F, Class 1A and Class 3
(Type II). Specially formulated for spray applications.
Metalast TCP-HF EPA
Additive used with TCP-HF and SP to enhance corrosion protection of copper
bearing alloys.


  Dried-In-Place Rinsed
Okemcoat 4500
Zirconium-based. Higher etch rate – good for oxidized metal.
Can meet all AAMA specifications.
Gardobond X 4650
Zirconium based. Lower rate of attack than Okemcoat 4500.
Can meet all AAMA specifications.
Permatreat 617M
Zirconium and Titanium based. Coatings can be measured with Portaspec.
Can meet all AAMA specifications.
Oxsilan 9802
Phosphorus free, silane based coating that’s applied at ambient temperature.
Gardobond EPP
Zirconium and titanium based. Will also treat ferrous and zinc-coated substrates.
Can meet all AAMA specifications.
Gardobond X 4707
Zirconium/titanium based. Limited TACOM approval for MIL-DTL-5541.
Can meet AAMA specifications.


Innovative aluminum finishing for every industry

Chemetall has the superior chemistries to handle the most stringent paint stripping requirements. For over 100 years, Chemetall has been developing new products, as well as manufacturing and applying them in a diverse range of industries such as automotive, industrial/large equipment manufacturing, aerospace, military, job shops, and many more.

Chemetall is a world class provider of high performing products. Our superior know-how and dedication to deliver outstanding technical support and service have made Chemetall an excellent provider of environmentally friendly (HAPS and VOC-free) paint stripping products.

With ISO 9001 certification, you can be assured of quality in design, manufacture and distribution of our products, as well as the design and distribution of our process control equipment. Our laboratory’s ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation assures you of the best technical support in the industry.

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