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Chemetall ARDROX®

Chemetall ARDROX®

Manufacturer: Chemetall

Product Code: ARDROX9812

Chemetall ARDROX®

A New Standard in Nondestructive Testing


Benefits include:

  • Bright, crisp indications
  • Low residual background
  • Excellent heat and UV fade resistance
  • Controlled washability, less susceptible to over-washing
  • Excellent bleed-back properties
  • Applied by immersion or conventional electrostatic spray
  • ARDROX 9881 - new hydrophilic emulsifier with improved odor control designed to meet the latest surfactant regulations


A New Generation of ARDROX

Post-Emulsifiable Fluorescent Dye Penetrants

Chemetall has developed a new range of ARDROX high performing, environmentally acceptable, post-emulsifiable, fluorescent dye penetrants that utilizes the latest surfactant technology. The ARDROX 981 series of products have low odor, low toxicity, high flash point, minimal environmental impact and show significant performance improvement. To complement this new range of penetrants, ARDROX 9881, a new hydrophilic emulsifier, has also been developed.

All products are approved to AMS 2644.


Description Product
Level 2 Penetrant ARDROX 9812
Level 3 Penetrant ARDROX 9813
Level 4 Penetrant ARDROX 9814
Emulsifier ARDROX 9881
Developers ARDROX 9D4A


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