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Chemetall Engine Rebuilding Products

Chemetall Engine Rebuilding Products

Manufacturer: Chemetall

Product Code: Dynadet/Liquid Dynadet

Chemetall Engine Rebuilding Products

Chemetall’s solution for Engine Rebuilding

Chemetall offers a complete line of products to satisfy your engine rebuilding requirements — products that have found widespread use across the industry. Chemetall products are designed to clean the most difficult soils, oils, greases and carbon; strip the most tenacious paints, and provide outstanding corrosion protection.

With Chemetall’s ISO 9001 certification, you can be assured of quality in design, manufacture, and distribution of our products as well as the development and delivery of our process control equipment. Our laboratory’s ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation provides you the best technical support in the industry.

  Spray Immersion Liquid Powder Steel Multi-Metal
Dynadet/Liquid Dynadet
Heavy-duty, alkaline cleaners for removing light rust, greasy, oily and carbonaceous soils.
Solvent-based cleaner for removing heavy soils, oils and greases with environmental safety.
spray, brush or foam
Ardrox 185/Ardrox 185L
Alkaline scale, carbon and rust removers. Removes some paints.
Super Turbo Det
Low-foaming alkaline cleaner. Removes some paints.
Pyrene 1207 SD
Heavy-duty, alkaline cleaners for removing oil, grease, carbon, rust and some paints.
Pyrene US 1006
Heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner for removing difficult soils such as heavy oils, carbon and many tenacious soils.
Oakite 100
Low-foaming, heavy-duty cleaner that readily removes dirt, grease and general oils.
Oakite SC 225
Heavy-duty, alkaline, silicated, phosphated cleaner used for a wide variety of soils.
Economical, alkaline solvent compound for heavy-duty cleaning.
spray, brush or foam
Rustripper/Super Rustripper
Versatile heavy-duty, alkaline cleaners. Simultaneous derusts and descales. Also used for paint stripping.
Neutral pH corrosion remover based on organic phosphate technology. Provides some short-term rust protection.
Gardoclean R 1700 F
Highly alkaline product designed for descaling and cleaning.

*Rustripper is immersion only


  Application SARA 313
HAPS Free Fe Al Zn Mg Br/Cu
Gardostrip Q 7900A Unique, acid/solvent-based paint stripper that can remove most paint films. Great sheeting action. Immersion    
Chem Strip 5015 High-performing, alkaline blend of solvents and surfactants that will quickly remove a wide variety of paints. Immersion  
Chem Strip 5011 Highly alkaline paint stripper that provides long solution life and sludge holding capacity. Immersion          
Texstrip 856 ADD Liquid blend of strong emulsifying and wetting agents to aid in quick penetration of paints and carbon based soils. Immersion or spray
(with ventilation)



  Film Type Est. Length of
Application Metals
Flash Point
Gardoclean A 5572
Very low foaming, low temperature medium-duty emulsion cleaner and rust preventive.
Dry 2 to 6 months
Spray or
Multi-metal >200 °F
Oakite 398LT
Medium-foaming, low temperature, medium-duty emulsion cleaner and rust preventive.
Dry 2 to 6 months
Spray or
Multi-metal >200 °F
Protech 1999/LC
Synthetic rust preventive replacing solvent and oil-based materials. Leaves a dry-to-touch film.
Dry to slightly
Up to 6 months
Spray or
Multi-metal >200 °F
Protech 1300
Premium, mid-flash, water-displacing, long-term rust preventive.
Light oil 6 months to 1
year indoors
Immersion, brush,
non-atomizing spray
Multi-metal 142 °F
Ryconox 20M
Premium, high-flash, water-displacing, long-term rust preventive.
6 months to
1+ years indoors
Immersion, brush,
non-atomizing spray
Multi-metal 291 °F


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