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PelChek-MAX Gas Monitor

PelChek-MAX Gas Monitor
PelChek-MAX Gas Monitor PelChek-MAX Gas Monitor

Manufacturer: Pelsue

Product Code: PelChek-MAX

Pelsue's PelChek-MAX portable multi gas monitor is able to detect and display up to four gases simultaneously. These include include Oxygen, Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide gases.

This portable gas detector accepts a unique disposable sensor cartridge which is pre-calibrated and can be replaced in under one minute, thereby simplifying maintenance, reducing downtime, and minimizing total sensors cost. The multi-gas detector is a compact and rugged detector designed for all environments. Small, lightweight and unobtrusive, it is ideal for use in confined spaces where entry and exit may be difficult.

The unit provides an optional internal pump which activates on demand by simply attaching the sampling hose. Ultra-bright alarm lights and a powerful audible alarm coupled with a periodic green flash and watchdog beep provide user confidence that monitoring is always in operation and alarms are never missed. The PelChek-Max detector features a modern, easy-to-operate design with large backlit display & oversized heavy duty buttons. Sensor cartridges must be replaced annually. All sensors feature a one year warranty.


PelChek MAX Gas Monitor Accessories

PelChek-ADAC    120 Volt AC/60 Hz Adaptor  - For PelChek-base Charging Stand
PelChek-ADDC    12 Volt DC Adaptor  - For PelChek-base Charging Stand
PelChek-ASP       Hand Aspirator Kit - For PelChek-MAX4 Series Gas Monitors
PelChek-BASE     Replacement Charging Stand For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-BAT        Replacement “AA” Battery Holders - Pair
PelChek-BK         Belt Clip - For PelChek-MAX4 Series Gas Monitors
PelChek-CAL1      34 Liter Calibration Mixture - For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-CASE     Carry Case -  Hard Sided, For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-CASE1   Pelican  Carry Case -  Hard Sided, For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-CD         Manuals And Software Programs -  For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-ENF       Enforcer Calibration Unit - Includes 34L Calibration Gas
PelChek-FCHO     Sensor Cartridge - CO, O2, LEL, H2s
PelChek-HK         Harness Kit W/straps And Adapter For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-NIMH      Replacement Battery Pack, Nimh - Pair,  For PelChek-MAX4 Series
PelChek-PC         Pc Cable - For PelChek-MAX4 Series Gas Monitor Data Interchange
PelChek-TUBE     Sampling Hose -  15 feet, For PelChek-MAX4 Series Gas Monitors
PelChek-FA         Flow adapter plate for PelChek-Max400 no pump
         Flow adapter plate for PelChek-Max401 w/pump

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