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Calibration Cylinders Are Recyclable!

Calibration Cylinders Are Recyclable!

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: 711228

MSA has affiliated with the Association of Retarded Citizens, Butler County—a nonprofit organi- zation that employs mentally retarded citizens—and established a Cylinder Recycling Center. The calibration cylinders are not refilled, but salvaged for scrap. All money generated from selling the scrap cylinders is placed in the ARC operating fund for salaries and operating costs.

Calibration cylinders are considered hazardous unless the cylinders are empty. MSA has developed special devalving tools that will ensure the cylinder is empty and render the cylinder non-fillable. For your convenience, MSA also offers a specially pre-addressed shipping box (also recyclable) which helps you pay the lowest shipping costs available.

The MSA Recycling Center limits the return of calibration cylinders to MSA-logoed cylinders only. Non-MSA cylinders will be rejected. Contact the Customer Service Center for additional details at 1-800-MSA-2222.

RECYCLING ACCESSORIES 711228 Devalving Tool, Model “RP” and Econo-Cal Cylinders
711229 Devalving Tool, Model “R” cylinders
711227 Shipping Box, Special, Pre-addressed
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