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ALTAIR Quick-Check Station

ALTAIR Quick-Check Station
ALTAIR Quick-Check Station ALTAIR Quick-Check Station

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: 10076692

The ALTAIR QuickCheck Station uses several tests to make sure ALTAIR and ALTAIR Pro Detectors are fully ready for action. The station administers a bump test to make sure the detector responds to a specified concentration of gas. The station also uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure the detector's audible, visual and vibrating alarms are good to go. With easy-to-understand LEDs, the QuickCheck Station tells a user which test is being administered and whether the detector passed or failed.

Features and Benefts

  • Station administers a bump test and uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure a detector is ready for action
  • Station is compatible with all 3 ALTAIR Detector versions (CO, H2S and O2 ) and with ALTAIR Pro O2 , H2S, CO, CO Fire and CO Steel detectors
  • Station comes in manual and automatic versions
  • Easy-to-see LEDs give simple-to-understand test results

Ordering Information


with Manual Regulator
10076692 Gas Type: O2/CO/H2S/SO2/NO2
10076701 Gas Type: CI2/CIO2
10076695 Gas Type: NH3
10076698 Gas Type: HCN

with Automatic Regulator
10076704 Gas Type: O2/CO/H2S/SO2/NO2
10076713 Gas Type: CI2/CIO2
10076707 Gas Type: NH3
10076710 Gas Type: HCN
REPLACEMENT AND ACCESSORY PARTS 10047342 North American Power Supply
10049410 Vehicle Power Supply
10077384 Regulator Tubing
10077385 Front Housing Assembly
10075893 Automatic Gas Regulator
467895 Manual Regulator
710386 Single Cylinder Holder
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