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MSA Rail-Slider™ Anchorage Connector

MSA Rail-Slider™ Anchorage Connector

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: SFPRS6000

MSA Rail-Slider™ Anchorage Connector

This device is easily and quickly installed anywhere along an approved anchorage (rail). The Rail Slider™ Anchorage Connector will move along the rail, pulled by the worker's lanyard/harness. No unhooking and re-hooking of the lanyard is required when changing work locations. The rail slider consists of a pair of rail profile plates, which interlock via a set of receiving bolts. A lanyard is attached to an approved carabiner securing the profile plates to the crown of the rail.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects directly to railway rails
  • Fall protection during horizontal movement on railway bridges
  • Available in two sizes for quick and easy installation



RAIL-SLIDER SFPRS6000   (2) Rail-Slider, steel, galvanized, for 80 - 136 # rail, used on train/crane type rail Removable Concrete Anchors Rail-Slider Part No. SFPRS6000 Bolt D-ring with Hole Part No. 10003213 D-Plate Anchorage Connector Part No. 506632
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