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DEUS Fire Escape Anchor

DEUS Fire Escape Anchor
DEUS Fire Escape Anchor DEUS Fire Escape Anchor DEUS Fire Escape Anchor

Manufacturer: DEUS

Product Code: DR-FEA100

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DEUS Fire Escape Anchor

When anchorage options are limited, DEUS comes to the rescue with the all new DEUS Fire Escape Anchor. The unique design gives firefighters and other emergency personnel a strong and ultra-lightweight escape anchor that provides an extra-tight grip. That’s because the interior contour is lined with grip-tight “teeth” – rounded to protect hands and rope – that help settle and lock in on window frames or wall studs, pipes or other framework.

Constructed of super-strong aluminum alloy, yet weighing just 8.6 ounces, the DEUS Fire Escape Anchor is one of the strongest AND lightest firefighter escape anchors available. It’s tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to the NFPA “Escape” standard. Plus, it’s compatible with all NFPA -certified firefighter escape systems, including the DEUS FB31 Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit.


DEUS also offers a variety of other firefighter escape hook anchors, including the Crosby Hook, CMC FlashLite Hook, the RP I Hook, and Sterling Lightning Hooks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rigging point accommodates heavy-duty carabiner, rope or other connectors for remote anchor tie-off.
  • Interior grooves help secure hook and minimize slippage under load.
  • Outside “teeth” are set in opposing direction to retain a tight grip even when load shifts.
  • Interior “teeth” allow hook to grip wood framework, and hold the anchor in place for superior safety.
  • Wide, double beam handle construction ensures a solid grip for gloved hand or provides for halligan bar pass-through.
  • Primary connection hole supports pre-rigged sewneye terminations on rope up to 12 mm diameter or NFPA carabiners.
  • Double-beam handle design reduces weight while maintaining high tensile strength.
  • Rounded “teeth” design protects hands.
  • Multi-faceted tip maximizes hook’s bite into anchorage surface.
  • Weighs just 8.6 ounces (0.24 kg).



Part No.: DR-FEA100
Dimension: 19 x 14 cm (7.5 x 5.5 in)
Weight: 0.24 kg (8.6 oz)
Construction: Aluminum alloy
MBS: 13.5 kN (3,035 lbf)
Certifications: NFPA 1983 (12ED) “Escape”
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