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DEUS Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit

DEUS Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit
DEUS Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit DEUS Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit

Manufacturer: DEUS

Product Code: GA01

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DEUS Quik-Set Dual Anchor Kit

Rigging conventional anchors requires time, fussing, tying knots and compromise. DEUS Quik-Set Anchors solve all those problems. With this innovative engineered anchor solution you can set and adjust an anchor in seconds with just one hand. The result is a secure anchor just where you need it.

Because it’s designed as a system, you know the Quik-Set Anchor has been factory rigged and tested. No worries about whether it has weak links, compatible parts or was rigged properly.

The DEUS Quick Set Anchor is sold as a set of two complete anchors, pre-rigged and ready to use. Set-up is quick, even with one hand, the length is adjustable, and it requires no knot tying or edge protection. It is engineered to grip at loads up to 544 kg (1,200 lbs).

Small zippered kit bag available separately.


2 complete, pre-rigged Quik-Set anchor systems, each consisting of:
1 DEUS PNX-24 12 mm Poly/Nylon rope (NFPA, 7.6 m / 25 ft)
1 DEUS “O” #4 Rope End Termination
1 DEUS Rope Grab
3 DEUS-approved carabiners (steel, 3-stage, auto-lock, NFPA)
1 DEUS ROW G (NFPA, 1.2 m / 4 ft)
1 DEUS Gear Strap (38 cm / 15 in)

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