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DEUS PNS-11 Poly/Nylon Rope

DEUS PNS-11 Poly/Nylon Rope

Manufacturer: DEUS

Product Code: PNS-11

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DEUS PNS-11 Poly/Nylon Rope

This rope features Teufelberger’s innovative PLAT INUM® braiding technology which reduces the risk of core/cover displacement. This makes it ideal for applications requiring continuous and repetitive use in controlled descent devices, such as in challenge course environments.

DEUS offers ropes that are engineered and crafted for safety and performance. They’re also designed to work in synergy with DEUS equipment, under a variety of conditions, and for different applications and markets, while meeting appropriate industry safety standards.

DEUS works with best-in-class rope manufacturers to develop proprietary ropes with specific properties to meet the needs for the work they’re designed to do, and for the people using them. This includes:

  • Precision controlled diameter
  • High tensile strength and working load
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Minimal weight
  • A carefully controlled coefficient-of-friction
  • Managed compressibility
  • Balance between sheath and core

All DEUS equipment is rated for use ONLY with DEUS rope. Ropes not approved by DEUS or certified for use in DEUS descent devices will likely result in poor performance due to excessive friction, insufficient braking control, or inconsistent performance over time. If there are any doubts about which DEUS rope to use, contact a DEUS representative.

DEUS Large Diameter Ropes include all ropes 11 mm and larger. These static ropes are designed for use in DEUS 7000 Series controlled descent devices for belay, rescue, evacuation, training and recreational use.



Rope Model No.: PNS-11
Part No.: DR-7360706
Diameter: 11.5 mm
MBS: 35.2 kN (7,913 lbf)
Sheath: Polyester
Core: Nylon
Color: Green, gray, yellow blend
Certifications: Certified to NFPA 1983 (12ED) “Technical Use” for use with DEUS 7000 Series controlled descent devices
Available Lengths: Various standard lengths available. (Sewn eye terminations available where required.)
Custom lengths available for special order.
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