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DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness

DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness
DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness

Manufacturer: DEUS

Product Code: DEUS Agility™ A50

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DEUS Agility™ A50 Technical Rescue Harness

The new DEUS Agility™ A50 is a breakthrough in harness technology for rope access, work, rescue and more. With your feet on the ground, it’s so comfortable it’s virtually invisible. Suspend on ropes, and the Agility™ A50 really shines.

Our innovative Agility™ “Free-Flow” strap construction, a unique leg loop design and other features combine to maximize mobility and comfort and minimize physical stress while suspended over long periods, even from the dorsal D-ring. Plus, it’s adjustable without removing the harness, so proper fit is maintained even when changing positions.

The DEUS Agility™ A50 is sure to become the standard harness for technical rescue, rope access and other industrial applications.

The DEUS Agility™ A50 is ideal for:

  • Rope Access
  • Rescue
  • Work Positioning
  • Restraint
  • Fall Arrest


Features and Benefits

  • Two keepers secure unused lanyards flat to your shoulders and out of the way.
  • Two independent chest straps reduce neck constriction.
  • Leg, waist and chest straps are adjustable on the fly to ensure a proper fit for every user, every position.
  • Double-tack webbing ends are easy to grip, even with thick gloves, and provide an extra secure hold.
  • Central connecting hardware allows user to don the harness easily in one piece.
  • Targeted padding provides extra support and comfort to key stress points including lower back and legs.
  • Innovative leg loop construction tapers from stiff backing to soft padding for optimal comfort in standard work, rope access, or fall arrest use.
  • Genuine Cobra quick-release buckles.
  • Contour collar design gives ample room for neck, reduces constriction
  • “Snap-back” positioning rings on each side flip out of the way when not in use.
  • Belt includes multiple loops for tool storage.
  • Unique, safety optimized stitching supports load bearing from any direction.
  • Features lightweight sternal, frontal and dorsal D-ring attachments.
  • The unique dorsal equalizing ring allows chest and back straps to adjust to your movement, to ensure a complete range of lateral motion.
  • The Agility A50 minimizes physical stress while suspended over long periods.
  • Back support straps run freely through a channel in the belt, adapting to your body as you move.



Size: XS-S L-XL 2XL-3XL
Part No: DR-A50-XSS DR-A50-LXL DR-A50-XXL
Waist size: 74-95 cm (29.1-37.4 in) 90-120 cm (35.4-47.2 in) 115-130 cm (45.3-51.2 in)
Chest size: 86-102 cm (33.9-40.2 in) 100-120 cm (39.4-47.2 in) 118-141 cm (46.6-55.5 in)
Weight: 2.8 kg (6.1 lbs)
Max Load: 59.0-140.6 kg (130-310 lbs)
Certification: ANSI Z359.11 (14ED), EN358, EN361
Material: Polyamide webbing, forged aluminum attachment points
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