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DEUS ADK-GI Angle Descent Kit

DEUS ADK-GI Angle Descent Kit
DEUS ADK-GI Angle Descent Kit

Manufacturer: DEUS

Product Code: ADK-GI


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DEUS ADK-GI Angle Descent Kit

Companies with employees working at heights understand the importance of fall protection and safety plans. But accidents do happen, putting workers at significant risk of injury or even death. That’s why it’s simply good practice to have a rescue plan in place as well.

Every good rescue plan includes proper training and effective equipment. DEUS helps meet the need with DEUS kits for industrial escape, self-rescue, assisted rescue and more.

Perfect for use with DEUS ADK-GI Industrial kits, connect this to your descender for safe, reliable angled descent along a guy line (up to 13 mm dia). Kit includes a KONG Zip EVO pre-rigged with a DEUS Technora rigging strap (61 cm / 24 in) and a steel, double-lock carabiner.


1 DEUS TL24 Rigging Strap (Technora, NFPA,61 cm / 24 in)
1 DEUS-approved carabiner (steel, 2-stage, auto-lock, ANSI/CSA/EN)

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