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Petzl Absorbica Y Tie-Back Lanyard

Petzl Absorbica Y Tie-Back Lanyard

Manufacturer: Petzl

Product Code: L64YUT 150

Petzl Absorbica Y Tie-Back Lanyard

The Petzl Absorbica Tie-Back Lanyard is a double lanyard with integrated intermediate tie-back rings and compact energy absorber. Designed for continuous protection on very large structures and when passing intermediate anchor points. The TIE-BACK system allows the lanyard ends to be reconnected to fit around structures with a very large cross section. The Lanyard arms are elasticated to avoid hindering progression. Equipped with a captive carabiner and two MGO large-opening connectors, the Tie-Back Lanyard is certified to U.S., European and Russian standards.

    Material(s): polyester, high-modulus polyethylene, steel
    : ANSI Z359.13 12 feet, ANSI Z359.12, CE EN 355, CE EN 354, CE EN 362, EAC

References L64YUT 150
Maximum authorized length (with connectors) 180 cm
Maximum length of torn lanyard after fall 320 cm
Maximum clearance (for fall factor 2) 600 cm
Weight 2330 g
Guarantee 3 years

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