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FallTech 7074B Contractor+ Harness

FallTech 7074B Contractor+ Harness

Manufacturer: Falltech

Product Code: 7074B

FallTech 7074B Contractor+ Harness

Contractor+ Harness, Non-Belted 3 D-ring Harness

The Contractor+ 7074B harness offers a traditional constructed belted harness with 1 Dorsal D-ring without the Hip D-rings. Ideal for workers that require tool bags and require their harness for positioning applications.


  •  Breathable padded air mesh shoulder yoke with non-slip Dorsal D-ring adjustment to maintain D-ring placement.
  •  Low-profile spring-tension Torso Adjusters for a fast secure fit.
  •  Chest slides integrated lanyard keepers provide a lower profile and easier attachment points for lanyard connectors.
  •  Stiffer waist belt improves longevity and also supports heavy tool bag loads.
  •  The waist pad includes belt loops and is sewn into the torso straps keeping the waist pad from slipping.
  •  Mating chest buckle and tongue buckle legs.
  •  Increased padding with internal reinforcement for improved comfort and usability.


Webbing: Polyester; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strength
Keepers: Plastic
D-Rings: Alloy Steel; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strength
Buckles/Adjusters: Alloy Steel; Min. 3,375 lbs. tensile strength
Grommets: Brass
Shoulder Strap Grab Handle: Vinyl
Shoulder Adjusters: Low-profile spring-tension Torso Adjusters
Foam: Soft open cell


Maximum Working Load: 425 lbs
ANSI User Capacity: 130 to 310 lbs. Max.
OSHA User Capacity: 130 to 425 lbs.


Style # Description
7074BSM Small/Medium
7074BLX Large/X-Large
7074B2X 2X


ANSI: Z359.11-2014
OSHA: CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66


  •  Read, understand and follow all labels and instructions prior to use.
  •  Inspect before each use.
  •  Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wear.
  •  Never attach a shock absorbing lanyard to a side D-Ring.
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