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FallTech 100’ Contractor Self-Retracting Device

Manufacturer: Falltech

Product Code: 7276100

FallTech 100’ Contractor Self-Retracting Device

The FallTech 100’ Contractor Self-Retracting Device offers affordable functionality for those jobs that require an elevated anchor point and a long lifeline. With its side cable payout, the 100’ Contractor SRD offers a smooth cable payout and retraction minimizing the wear and tear on the orifice and internal components extending the life of the SRD. This smoother action reduces nuisance lock-up and allows workers to move effortlessly on the job site maximizing worker efficiencies. The Contractor internal braking system provides confidence of fast acting braking of the SRD in the event of a fall.

The 100’ Contractor SRD is packed with features yet offers a very competitive price point.

  •  The housing is constructed with lightweight glass-filled nylon that offers increased strength for durability with excellent wear resistance properties. 
  •  A carrying handle is integrated to the SRD for easy transport around the job site. 
  •  A stackable design allows the 100’ Contractor SRD to be stacked on one another maximizing transport and minimizing storage space. 
  •  The internal braking system provides maximum stopping power in the event of a fall. 
  •  The side payout design allows incredibly smooth cable payout and retrieval of the 3/16" cable while reducing wear and tear of the cable and orifice. 
  •  A swiveling, self-locking carabiner reduces cable twist and provides visual indication of a fall event. 
  •  Complies with the following ANSI and OSHA requirements
    • ANSI: Z359.14-2014
    • OSHA: 1926.502, 1910.66

Ordering Details


Part # Description Cable Length Pack Qty. Wt. Ea Class
7276100 100’ Contractor Self-Retracting Device 100’’ 1 30 lbs. B


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