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SUPER ANCHOR Retro-Flashing

SUPER ANCHOR Retro-Flashing

Manufacturer: Super Anchor

Product Code: 2401

SUPER ANCHOR Retro-Flashing

Our brand new RetroFlashing kit is specifically designed to cover a D- anchor or our RS-10 anchor that has been mounted over existing asphalt shingle roofing. Anchor may be attached directly to a top chord or through your existing sheeting into the #2402 3/4" plywood backer board. The RetroFlashing is made from 20 gauge Dacromet Coated Steel and can be painted to match the color of your existing roofing.

  • Top-Chord Installation: Simply center the anchor over the truss and nail or screw the anchor down securely.
  • Backer-Board Installation. Install our 3/4" backer board under the current roof sheeting and you do not need install into a truss – just install the anchor with the screws and you have a fall arrest anchor point!
  • Install the RetroFlashing over your new anchor and install under the headlap of the existing roofing material.

The RetroFlashing is perfect for roofing, solar, maintenance and homeowner application. No more tearing off your ridge cap to install fall arrest anchors. Our 4-page Instruction/Specification Manual is very comprehensive and has all of the information need to install the anchor and flashing system.

Part# Description
2401 RetroFlashing Single Retail Pack
2401-A RetroFlashing 10 Pack Retail
2401-B RetroFlashing 80 Pack Bulk
2402 RetroFlashing & 3/4" BackerBoard Combo
2405 RetroFlashing Kit with D- Minus Anchor


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