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FallTech 7440 Concrete | Temporary Wedge Anchor

FallTech 7440 Concrete | Temporary Wedge Anchor

Manufacturer: Falltech

Product Code: 7440

FallTech 7440 Concrete | Temporary Wedge Anchor


  •  Reusable ¾” multi-directional temporary anchor.
  •  High-strength steel and aluminum construction rated for supporting a load of 5,000 lb.
  •  Designed for use in fully cured concrete with a minimum compression strength of 3,000 PSI.
  •  Rated for up to a 310 lbs. worker ANSI / 425 lbs. OSHA.
  •  Complies with ANSI Z359.1-2007 and OSHA 1910.66 and 1926.502.


  •  Unique engineered solution designed for use in cured, existing concrete.
  •  Easily installed with simple tools.
  •  Can be relocated and used repeatedly.
  •  Ideally suited for construction and maintenance
  •  Meets the requirements of OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.

Material Specifications

  • Thimble:  7 x 19 wire rope with poly cover
  • Constituent:  7 x 19 wire rope
  • Wedge:  Aluminum Alloy

Performance Specifications

  • Tensile Strength:  Min. 5,000 lbs.
  • Max. Capacity:  425 lb

Relevant Standards

OSHA:  CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66

ANSI:   A10.32-2004, Z359.1-2007


  •  Read, understand and follow all labels and instructions prior to use.
  •  Inspect before each use.
  •  Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wea



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