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Falltech 7293 Winch Personnel Winch with Galvanized Cable

Falltech 7293 Winch Personnel Winch with Galvanized Cable

Manufacturer: Falltech

Product Code: 7293

Falltech 7293 Winch Personnel Winch with Galvanized Cable

Personnel Winch with Galvanized Cable and Storage Bag.

FallTech confined space systems are designed to provide safe access and emergency rescue for traditional confined spaces. A full range of compatible components allow users the flexibility to plan for a variety of entry and egress scenarios. We know that the stakes are high. And, when it comes to worker safety, there are no second chances. That is why… Fall Protection is all we do…and we take it seriously. Advanced technical design and rigorous quality testing are the backbone of FallTech’s manufacturing process. We train and staff fall protection experts that understand problems, not just fall protection products, and can identify fall safety solutions that save lives. At FallTech, we engineer innovative fall safety solutions as though lives depend on it. Because they do.


  • Compatible with 7276 confined space tripods
  • Tripod mounting bracket sold separately (7291B)
  • Fully rated for personnel for use in confined space entry and retrieval


  • Weight:  26.3 pounds
  • Dimensions:  14 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Model number:  7293
  • Size:  60'
  • Color:  Black
  • Material : Polyester
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