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Super Anchor CRO Cal-OSHA Window Washing Anchor

Super Anchor CRO Cal-OSHA Window Washing Anchor

Manufacturer: Super Anchor

Product Code: Cal-OSHA

Super Anchor CRO Cal-OSHA Window Washing Anchor

Commercial Anchors

Special Features

  • Our most economical fall protection permanent anchorage device
  • 5 certified pre-engineered fastener options
  • Installs with just 6 fasteners
  • Fall Indicator stem warns of in-service loading
  • Paintable to match any roofing color
  • Sold in convenient retail friendly 10 packs
  • Accepts all 3,600lb gate strength connectors
  • Permanent/Temporary/Disposable/Reuseable
  • Factory butyl flashing strip available
  • OSHA 5,000lbs rated anchor
  • 3rd Party certified testing documents available

Superior Benefits

Fabricated from zinc plated powder coated 11 gauge steel, the D-Minus does not rely on welds or moving parts for its strength. It is specially designed for a flash-less installation on asphalt shingle roofs. With just one box of 10 anchors you can cover a lot of square footage. Layout is simple: place the anchors every 12’ on-center (one of each side of the ridge) and you are ready to go to work. They are designed to last the life of the roof and will offer valuable protection for anyone up on the roof surface.


Super Anchor CRO Cal-OSHA Window Washing Anchor

Siper Anchor Safety can provide Cal-OSHA Tie-back anchors.


Super Anchors Parapet Wall Anchor

Super Anchor Safety can provide mechanical equipment shield wall anchors. Not for fall protection.

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