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DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™ Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor System

DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™ Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor System

Manufacturer: DBI Sala

Product Code: 2200107


DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™ Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor System


Confidence to get the job done


Whether you need a broken strobe replaced atop a jumbo jetliner, or it’s simply time for routine maintenance, your workers should only have to focus on one thing: getting the job done right. The Mobi-Lok ™ Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor (SCVA) system allows your workers to conveniently anchor to virtually any smooth, non-porous surface—enabling them to work where they need to without compromising their fall protection safety.


Freedom to work

A worker connected to a Mobi-Lok system can move about freely and confidently without compromising safety. It’s engineered and rated for fall arrest applications (up to 310 lbs. max), but it can also be used in a fall restraint application to maximize versatility.


Connections in seconds

The Mobi-Lok system eliminates the need to drill or weld to create a secure anchor point. Instead, your crew can get connected with minimal effort in just a few seconds— improving productivity and reducing downtime.


Completely mobile

At just 19.9 lbs (9.0 kg), the Mobi-Lok system is both easy to use and easy to transport between the tarmac and the holding area.


Globally compliant

Every Mobi-Lok model is OSHA, CE and AS/NZS compliant and is independently tested and approved for fall arrest applications when operated according to provided instructions.


Comprehensive backup system

To enhance worker safety, the Mobi-Lok system features a comprehensive backup system. If the compressed air source is lost, a persistent audio alarm and vacuum level indicator alert the worker while check valves maintain the vacuum seal.


Surface friendly

The Mobi-Lok aviation model features a soft EPDM rubber seal that resists Skydrol ® , so it attaches securely without damaging the surface of the airplane.


Horizontal lifeline-ready

Two Mobi-Lok units can be connected using a horizontal lifeline (HLL) to create a continuous anchor point for up to two people.


Features & Benefits

  • Audio alarm warning system
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Secure anchor point
  • Clear, easy-to-read labeling
  • Aviation-rated electronics are intrinsically safe
  • Visual vacuum level indicator
  • Optional cylinder attachment increases portability
  • Shop air quick connect
  • Skydrol-resistant, EPDM rubber seal (Aviation model)
  • Pad conforms to fuselage as small as 6 feet in diameter
  • Also used in: Tank farms, Barge manufacturing, Railroads, Power plants, Facility maintenance, Construction, Plant operations


An anchor where you need it.  Powered the way you want it.


There are two versions of the Mobi-Lok ™ Self-Contained Vacuum Anchor system: one powered only by a shop air line and one powered by either shop air or a single detachable cylinder of compressed gas.


Components: Aviation General Industry
Mobi-Lok SCVA Assembly (Shop air powered) 2200107 2200094
Mobi-Lok SCVA Assembly With On Board Bottle Attachment (Shop air or gas powered) 2200108 2200095
Secondary Pad Assembly (Optional) 2200109 2200096
Secondary Pad Hose (Optional) – 50" (15 m)


Aviation HLL Kit (Includes Secondary Pad, 40" HLL, and Secondary Pad 50" Hose) 2200123
80" (24 m) 2-person HLL system 2200401
100" (30 m) 4-person HLL system 2200180
150" (45 m) 4-person HLL system 2200181
Compressed Gas Cylinder (Bottle sold separately)


Aviation Kit (Includes Mobi-Lok SCVA Assembly and Bottle 2200122
Carry Case Included


Specifications: Shop Air Powered Shop Air/Gas Powered
Main Support Assembly Anodized Aluminum
Vacuum Seal Pad Material - Aviation EPDM
Vacuum Seal Pad Material - General Industry Polybutadiene
Electronics 4 AA lithium batteries
Shop Air Requirements 80 – 150 psi
Compressed Gas Bottle Requirements 3,000 psi, 48 cubic inch
Dimensions 22" x 22" x 6" (55 cm x 55 cm x 15 cm)
System Weight 17.4 lbs. (7.8 kg) 19.9 lbs. (9.0 kg)
Capacity 310 lbs. (140 kg); One person
Surface Temperature Range -20 ̊F – 140 ̊F (-29 ̊C – 60 ̊C)
Vacuum Anchor Static Capacity 3,375 lbs. (15 kN)


  Aviation General Industry
Standard Unit for Fall Arrest/Restraint 2200108 or 2200107 2200095 or 2200094
40" (12 m) HLL system 2200108+2200123 or
2200095+2200124 or
80" (24 m) HLL system
+2200130 or 2200107*2+2200401
+2200130 or 2200094*2+2200401

Recommended lanyard is 1246170

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