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Miller Edge™ Fall Protection System

Miller Edge™ Fall Protection System

Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell

Product Code: 9081

Miller Edge™ Fall Protection System

The first and only cost-effective, portable, engineered anchorage solution designed to protect workers engaged in leading edge deck construction. The Miller Edge System reduces the need for a safety monitor or a temporary cable lifeline system on leading edge deck construction.

  • Freestanding, mobile overhead anchor point
  • Solid wheel casters
  • Two integral eye bolt attachment points accommodate self-retracting lifelines
  • Predetermined integral lifting points
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with protective enamel paint
  • Easy access handles on front and rear


Applications: Concrete deck construction, bridge decks, window washing, vault entry, rescue situations


SKU Description
9081/ Standard Miller Edge with 7-1/2-ft. (2.3 m) anchorage height
9081/6.5FT Miller Edge with 6-1/2-ft. (2 m) anchorage height
9081/9.5FT Miller Edge with 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) anchorage height; includes 300-lb. (136 kg) additional required counterweight
9081/VBK-9.5 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) height conversion kit; includes 9081/VB-9.5 & 9081WT/300LB; converts a Standard Edge System (9081/) into a 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high anchorage system
9081/VB-9.5 Vertical boom for 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high Edge System; boom measures 108 in. (2.7 m)
9081/VB-6.5 Vertical boom for 6-1/2-ft. (2 m) high Edge System; boom measures 72 in. (1.8 m)
9081WT/300LB Set of 300-lb. (136 kg) counterweights required for 9-1/2-ft. (2.9 m) high Edge System
9081MRMB MightEvac Bracket for Edge System; holds 1 or 2 units (MightEvac units, brackets & pulleys sold separately)
9082/ Swivel Bracket (retrofit) for 20-ft. (6 m) & 30-ft. (9 m) MightyLite SRL units (optional)
9083/ Swivel Bracket (retrofit) for 50-ft. (15 m) & 65-ft. (20 m) MightyLite SRL units (optional)
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