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Miller Cross-Arm Anchorage Connectors

Miller Cross-Arm Anchorage Connectors

Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell

Product Code: 8183.3FTGN

Miller Cross-Arm Anchorage Connectors

6-ft. (1.8 m) web Cross-Arm Strap wraps around I-beams and other structures and attaches with a 2-in. (51 mm) D-ring that slips through a 3-in. (76 mm) D-ring to form a secure attachment point for lanyards and
other connecting devices. 400-lbs. (181 kg) maximum capacity.



Cable Anchorage Connector

this connector creates quick, easy and secure points of attachment. Constructed of 1/4-in. (6 mm) vinyl-coated, galvanized wire rope and a steel 3-in. (76 mm) O-ring. Standard length is 6 ft. (1.8 m) ; additional lengths available. 8187V/6FT features a forged steel, auto-lock, captive eye carabiner with 1-in. (25 mm) gate opening. 8186V-Z7/6FT features a locking snap hook with 3/4-in. (19 mm) gate opening. 400-lbs. (181.4 kg) maximum capacity.


Disposable Concrete Anchor Strap

This Anchor Strap (8185CX/6FTGN) is uniquely designed to provide temporary anchorage on concrete forms. Constructed of 1-3/4-in. (44 mm) wide, abrasionresistant webbing. Forged steel D-ring (8185C/6FTGN) is capable of withstanding 5,000 lbs. (22 kN). Standard lengths of 2 ft. (.6 m) and 4 ft. (1.2 m); additional lengths available. Also available with web loop (includes inner-wear pad for carabiner attachment).


Push-Thru Eye Bolt Anchors

Spring-action anchorage connector offers simple one-hand installation and can be used for a wide range of applications. Fits 3/4-in. (19 mm) dia. holes and includes the integral SofStop Shock Absorber. 310-lbs. (140.6 kg) maximum capacity.

(w/o shock absorber); 400-lbs. (181 kg)


Looped Cross-Arm Anchorage Connectors

The 6-ft. (1.8 m), 2-in. (51 mm) web strap features a 2-in. (50 mm) D-ring which slips through looped webbing. 400-lbs. (181 kg) maximum capacity.

8185k/6FTBK (Nomex/Kevlar)


Cross-Arm Chain Anchor

The 6-ft. (1.8 m) Chain Anchor provides a single user with an easy-to-install, temporary anchorage connector. It easily wraps around I-beams or other structures. This product safely wraps around corners and sharp edges and is ideal to use in environments where chemical, heat or welding splatter may occur. 400-lbs. (181 kg) maximum capacity.


Rebar Hook Anchor

Designed to facilitate anchoring to scaffolding, pipe or angle iron, and features a locking rebar hook with SofStop Shock Absorber and a D-ring on the other end to accommodate the connecting device. 310-lbs. (140.6 kg) maximum capacity.

Features a locking rebar hook for easy, one-hand installation and a D-ring on the other end to accommodate the connecting device. 400-lbs. (181.4 kg) maximum capacity.


Wire Hook Anchor

Stainless steel Wire Hook connects to various approved anchorages including railings, small I-beams, angle iron and scaffolding. Simply squeeze the spring-loaded hook and slip the large opening over the approved structure. 400-lbs. (181 kg) maximum capacity.

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