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Hughes tank showers

Hughes tank showers

Manufacturer: Hughes

Product Code: EXP-MH-14K/2000

Hughes tank showers


The new Hughes Emergency Tank Shower incorporates a 2000 litre (530 US gallon) tank to deliver a guaranteed flow of water for over 20 minutes. The 2000 litre tank makes this an independent system without the need of piping, heating or mixing systems to comply with the 15 minute tepid water requirements of the ANSI standard. The tank material is medium density polyethylene which is not prone to the problems of leaking experienced when storing static water in a stainless steel tank. Our tank is insulated using high thermal efficiency polyurethane with silver foil lining to reduce heat loss or heat ingress due to conduction or radiation. This protects against frost damage in severe freezing conditions and also against external solar heating and high air ambient temperatures. The tank lid is also insulated and sealed to prevent against airborne contamination entering the tank. To protect against external conditions, the Tank Shower is encased in GRP; a hard-wearing chemical resistant, durable weather-proof material, which is easily cleaned. An integral immersion heater, controlled by a dual thermostat with automatic safety cut out maintains the temperature of the water within the insulated tank. The shower is activated when the casualty operates the panic bar and/or stands on the optional foot panel control. All Hughes shower tanks are coated with BioStat selfsanitising technology, to effectively reduce bacterial growth on the inside of the tank walls. Available with optional Eye/Facewash Fountain mounted internally to meet with ANSI Standard. Note: The 2000 Litre (528 gallons) Tank Shower frame has been structurally tested Earthquake proof and has been designed to conform to the California Building Code 1998 Chapter 16, Division 1.


Suitable for extreme hot and cold climates Flow rate for simultaneous use of shower and eye/face wash to meet ANSI standard. Economical running costs due to low power consumption Suitable for extreme hot and cold climates ANSI Z358.1.2009 compliant

Optional fittings:

  •  Light and light Box
  •  Eye/facewash fountain
  •  Panel Foot Control
  •  Hand Held Eyebath Unit 
  •  Level switch
  •  Syphon Dump Valve
  •  Visual
  •  Proximity Switch
  •  Shower Test Handle
  •  Sunshield
  •  Chillers and Cooling Coils
  •  Drain Stump

As part of the Hughes Safety Showers continuous improvement program we have introduced new measures in both the manufacture and servicing of our Safety Showers to control the growth and spread of bacteria. Bio-Stat is now applied to all Tank Shower inner lining as part of our hygiene and Infection Control protocols. When Bio-stat is applied to a surface it forms a Self Sanitizing Treatment (SST).

To help maintain and monitor the water quality within the Tank Showers between service periods as part of your required Legionella control, we now offer the Huwa-san TR range and test stips. Huwa-san is made up from Hydrogen Peroxide and a silver salt which are highly effective at removing biofilm and controlling Legionella. The silver breaks down the wall of the cell; the peroxide then kills the bacteria, making it superior to chlorine based technology and presents none of the hazards. Also, chlorine is bound by caustic soda and creates biofilm which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bio-Stat And Huw-San Benefits And Standards

  •  Non toxic
  •  Odorless
  •  Non-leaching can be used on food preparation surfaces (Bio-stat only)
  •  Meets BS EN ISO Standards
  •  Manufactured under EC Directives
  •  Strong chemical bonding process


Galvanized Stainless Steel Depth Width Height Weight Inlet Size
(mm “ inch)
Min. Pressure
bar g)
PSI Water Flow
Tank Showers   mm inch mm inch mm inch kg lbs       liters
per min
US Gallons
per min
EXP-MH-14K/1600 EXP-MH-14KS/1600 1548 60.94 1837 72.32 3682 144.96 415 914 3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
EXP-MH-14K/2000 EXP-MH-14KS/2000 1837 72.32 1837 72.32 3765 148.22 470 1036 3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
EXP-J-14K/1600 EXP-J-14KS/1600 1548 60.94 1837 72.32 3682 144.96 415 914 3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
EXP-J-14K/2000 EXP-J-14KS/2000 1837 72.32 1837 72.32 3765 148.22 470 1036 3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
                    3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
                    3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20
                    3/4” 0.5 7.11 76 20

Indoor or Tropical models are denoted by the prefix -J- prior to the model number ie. EXP-J-14K/160
Stainless Steel models are denoted by the suffix “S” within the model number ie. EXP-MH-14KS/2000


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