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Haws Tempered Water Blending

Haws Tempered Water Blending

Manufacturer: Haws

Product Code: 9326

Haws Tempered Water Blending

Model 9326
Tankless Heater Solution, an electric water heating system designed to eliminate the need for large water storage tanks, as well as the continuous energy demand to maintain them at higher temperatures. This system will provide safety showers and eyewashes with an unlimited supply of tepid water, eliminating the “recovery time” needed to reheat large storage tanks after use. Controlled heater package housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Also available with a stainless steel enclosure, Model 9327. Multiple configurations are available for your specific project. Standard models 9326 & 9327 are not for use in freezing environments.

Model 9400
All weather, instantaneous, steam-heated, tepid water system. Steam enters a brazed plate heat exchanger, instantly heating the water. Unit provides 3 to 25 GPM (11.4 to 94.6 LPM) of tepid water. An ASSE 1071 certified mixing valve blends hot and cold water to produce an output of 80°F (26.6°C) tepid water. Operates on typical plant steam pressure, 45-60 PSIG is recommended. Additional valves keep the system preheated, freeze protected and scald protected. The steam valve will remain closed should there be a loss of water pressure.

Model 9400.LPS
A low-pressure system is available for 15-30 PSIG steam.

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