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Haws Axion® MSR Accessibility

Haws Axion® MSR Accessibility

Manufacturer: Haws

Product Code: 8904

Haws Axion® MSR Accessibility

Model 8904
Counter-mounted AXION eye/ face wash and body spray head. Activated with simple squeeze lever operation. 8-foot (244 cm) green hose for extended coverage area to further optimize the irrigation.

Model 8905
Wall-mounted AXION eye/face wash and body spray head, and 12-foot (366 cm) yellow recoil hose. Unit is activated with simple squeeze lever operation.

Model 8164
Recessed drench shower with hi-polished stainless steel showerhead and self-regulating shower stream. Reduced installation time as valve assembly is pre-built.

Model 7610
Barrier-free pull down eye/face wash with AXION MSR head. Easy activation fold-down design. Extended length pull-down arm to accommodate wheelchair access. Activation and deactivation occur at a 30-degree angle limiting water splash. Counter or wall rear-mount design allows the sink to remain open to other uses.

Model 7611
Lab unit is installed in accessible sink locations. AXION MSR eye/face wash head is easily activated by the emergency equipment’s swing-out design. Side-mount design allows the unit to be mounted from either side of the sink.

Model 7360BTWC
Barrier-free emergency AXION MSR eye/face wash head assembly. Equipped with an in-line 50 x 50 mesh water strainer and pop off dust cover. Space-efficient design allows the unit to be mounted in easily accessible locations while providing a barrier-free installation. The low profile accommodates wheelchair access. Eye/face wash and valve assembly is pre-built and fully water/pressure tested. Unit comes with trap and tailpiece.

Model 7612LH
Sink or counter-mounted AXION MSR stainless steel eye/face wash head. Swing-away, left-hand operation allows the area stays clear for everyday use. Dust cover for protection from debris when not in use. Unit is also available for right-hand operation.

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