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Haws Axion® Steam Water Heater

Haws Axion® Steam Water Heater

Manufacturer: Haws

Product Code: 9400

Haws Axion® Steam Water Heater

Medically superior AXION MSR technology combined with HAWS INTEGRATED™ custom engineering provides your facility a complete ANSI compliant safety response system.

AXION® Valves

Injury Reduction : Redundant anti-scald protection with internal cold water bypass and positive shut off helping reduce further injury.

Increased Victim Comfort Wax-based thermostat technology for fast response time with reliable temperature control.

Fail-Safe Protection Highest cold water bypass flow rate in the industry and lowest internal pressure drop to guarantee functionality.


Model 9400

All weather, instantaneous, steam-heated, tepid water system. Steam enters a brazed plate heat exchanger, instantly heating the water. Unit provides 3 to 25 GPM (11.4 to 94.6 LPM) of tepid water. An ASSE 1071 certified mixing valve blends hot and cold water to produce an output of 80°F (26.6°C) tepid water. Operates on typical plant steam pressure, 45-60 PSIG is recommended. Additional valves keep the system preheated, freeze protected and scald protected. The steam valve will remain closed should there be a loss of water pressure.

Model 9400.LPS

A low-pressure system is available for 15-30 PSIG steam.

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