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Hubbell C4030177 -- Pliers

Hubbell C4030177 -- Pliers

Manufacturer: Hubbell

Product Code: C4030177

Hubbell C4030177 -- Pliers

Designed to grasp from any angle, and tighten by clockwise rotation of the Universal Tool handle. The jaws are held firmly in position with a wing-nut. Used as a holding device for retaining bolt heads and loose hardware, adjusting arcing horns, replacingcotter keys, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Product Type:   Insulated Hand Tools
  • Tool Type:   Universal Tool Accessories
  • Style :  All-Angle Pliers
  • Material Type:  Standard
  • UPC Code:  09635901797
  • Standard Package : 1
  • Standard Package Unit  : Each
  • Min Order Qty:   1
  • Weight / Ea. lbs:   1.96 lbs
  • Product Number:  C4030177 
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