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Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook and Static Discharge Stick

Salisbury Insulated Rescue Hook and Static Discharge Stick

Manufacturer: Salisbury by Honeywell

Product Code: 24400


Shock protection

Insulated Rescue Hook - Salisbury’s insulated rescue hook is an invaluable tool for any workplace. It is used to release a victim from contact. Confined spaces, in vaults, or just near electrical cabinets and switch gear are some of the places where this tool is a must. Insulated rescue hooks feature a foam-filled, fiberglass reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation and a coated, heat treated body hook with an 18” opening and are made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. The stick is available in the standard lengths of 6 and 8 feet.


Insulated Rescue Hook
Cat. No. Dimensions
ft (m)
lbs. (kgs)
24400 3’ (0.92) Length 3.4 (1.5)
24401 6’ (1.8) Length 4.5 (2)
24403 8’ (2.4) Length 5.5 (2.5)


Static Discharge Stick - The Static Discharge Stick is designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energizing. This tool is pre-assembled and includes a brass alloy “U” hook, closed cell foam-filled tubular fiberglass switch stick made in accordance with ASTM Standard F711. Static discharge sticks have 6 feet of copper grounding cable attached to a Salisbury 1814 flat jaw, grade 3, bronze serrated clamp with strain relief.


Static Discharge Stick
Cat. No. Cable Length
ft. (m)
Description Weight
lbs. (kgs)
20817 6 (1.8) Static discharge stick 4’ (1.2m) length 8 (3.6)
22629 6 (1.8) Static discharge stick w/ universal  attachment 1’ (0.3m) length 38 (0.17)


Tool Holder SALCOR® Tool Holders secure tools to trailers, compartments and tool rooms. Great for holding rescue hooks and static discharge sticks. 12 per package.


Tool Holder
Cat. No. Description Weight cn.
lbs. (kgs)
1192 1.25 (32 mm) I.D. Tool holder 3.5 (1.6)


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