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Salisbury Arc Protection Blankets and Switchboard Matting

Salisbury Arc Protection Blankets and Switchboard Matting

Manufacturer: Salisbury by Honeywell

Product Code: ARC45-15


Arc Protection Blanket -
Salisbury by Honeywell arc protection blankets are now available in 4’ x 5’ and 4’ x 8’ sizes. Each size is available in 15kA or 40kA ratings. The 15kA blankets include convenient loops, and the 40kA blankets include grommets to easily keep the blanket in place. These new blankets are sold individually or with a storage bag or storage bag and tie-strap kit.

The arc protection blanket is used as a barrier for protection from the explosive and incendiary effects of electrical arcs and flashes. These hazardous electrical discharges can be caused by faults in cables, in cable splices and joints and at transformer terminals. They may also be generated by the operation of switch gear, circuit breakers and lightning arrestors. The blanket can be used for worker protection in underground vaults, switchyards and other locations where electrical equipment poses a risk of exposure to explosive electrical discharges.


These products do not eliminate or reduce requirements of proper PPE for arc flash protection


Arc Protection Blanket
Cat. No. Dimensions
n (mm)
ARC45-15 48 x 60 ( 1219 x 1524 ) 15kA Rating - navy blue
ARC45-40 48 x 60 ( 1219 x 1524 ) 40kA Rating -gray/khaki
ARC48-15 48 x 96 ( 1219 x 2438 ) 15kA Rating - navy blue
ARC48-40 48 x 96 ( 1219 x 2438 ) 40kA Rating -gray/khaki
ARC142 1 x 42 ( 25.4 x 1067 ) Single Kevlar Strap w/ Buckle
ARC142-K16   Arc48 Strap Kit With 16 Buckles
ARC142-K12   Arc45 Strap Kit With 12 Buckles

-Add suffix “P” to include storage bag. -Add suffix “PS” to include storage bag and tie-straps.
-Add suffix “C” to include P4 canister. -Add suffix “CS” to include P4 canister and tie-straps.


Switchboard Matting is placed permanently in front of switchgear, motor control centers and other high voltage apparatus to provide an additional level of protection for electrical workers. Switchboard matting is made from 1/4” (6.4 mm) thick and tested to 20kV to comply with ASTM D178, Class 2 specifications. The corrugated surface acts as a safety tread while reducing the possibility of metal particles becoming embedded. Class 2, switchboard matting is made in 25 yard rolls which can be custom cut to specified lengths as per customer request. Class 4 is sold in full 60’ rolls only.


Class 2 Maximum Use Voltage: 17,000 VAC
Class 4 Maximum Use Voltage: 36,000 VAC


Switchboard Matting
Cat. No. Dimensions
n (mm)
lbs. (kgs)
M24-2 1/4 x 24” (6 x 610 ) 9 (4.1)
M30-2 1/4 x 30” (6 x 762 ) 12 (5.4)
M36-2 1/4 x 36” (6 x 914 ) 15 (6.8)
M48-2 1/4 x 48” (6 x 1219 ) 18 (8.2)
M36-4* 1/2 x 36” x 60 feet long
(12 x 914 mm x 18.3 m long)
684 (307.8)

All switchboard matting complies with current ASTM D178 standards *Sold in full rolls only.

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